Blackhawk Carving Club
Rockford, Illinois 61109
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Blackhawk Woodcarver
Volume XIX, Issue 10, October 2012

The Presdent’s Corner

Welcome to October.  It is starting to feel like the season.  The leaves are falling and we have been having wonderful Fall colors despite the scientists predictions following the drought this Summer. 

I had a wonderful opportunity to carve soap with kids at Lockwood Park’s Locktober Fest two weeks ago.  Lots of children showed up and enjoyed the carving.  We went through 60 bars of soap.  Many remember coming in previous years.  Jerome Mais’ grandson was there and has fond memories of Jerome’s sheep and kicking donkey. 

Don Stansfield and Bob Hallstrom are both running classes at CLR and doing a nice job.  We have had several new members and guests recently.  We seem to keep growing.  Gordy Moscinski and Bernie Budzynski will be co-teaching a class on woodburning. 

If you have not started your holiday carving, now may be the time to do so.  The holidays will soon be here.

Don’t forget to keep those chips flying!     Steve

skeletonOctober Birthdays   (that we know about). -

Nordine Bolstad                10-6

Tony DeVita                      10-9

Frank Lay                         10-9

William Shogren              10-11

Carol Behning                  10-14

Mary Wilder                      10-17

Carl Hicks                         10-28

Jack Basford                     10-29

Loctoberfest at Lockwood Park

Minutes (in brief)

Minutes of the regular monthly business meeting of the Blackhawk Woodcarvers; …


Treasurer’s report given by John Skaggs. Multiple expenditures due to the annual Wood Carving Show and two deposits resulting in an increase in the balance…


Petty cash report by Dona Wisner indicated a balance of (we are solvent)


Membership Chairperson, Dona Wisner indicated an increase in membership. There are now a total of 116 members: 96 active and 20 associates. The three new members are : Albert Klingenberg, John Vecchio and  Ray Henry. Terry Dow has changed his membership from associate to full membership. 


Ray Henry has bought out “Uncle Al’s” wood business and renamed it County Line Products. You can purchase wood on-line at or contact the shop at (715) 336-2340.


Gordy Moscinski, Web Master, reported that the web site is up to date. Gordy also indicated that he talked to Ivan Willock of Wood Carving magazine. The magazine has a feature titled, Off the beaten Path by Jim Anderson. Each issue Jim will do a profile on individual carvers or clubs. There is a possibility that our club could be featured.


Bernie Budzynski, Librarian, has the list of the 6 missing books in the last issue of our newsletter.


Bob Hallstrom gave a report on the Annual Woodcarving show. Bob solicited comments from the attendees. He received many positive comments “everyone was friendly,” “good show”, “well organized”. Bob indicated that attendance was a 100 less than last year and we realized a profit of $500 after expenses.


Bob mused that even though we had handouts, newspaper notices and members encouraged friends and family to attend it wasn’t as effective as it could have been.  Mark Boyd, who works in retail, stated that the hardest thing in business is to get people to come in the door. Elaine Terrell suggested that perhaps we should contact Channel 23 before our annual show next year for a community event segment. If this isn’t possible, perhaps we could be featured in a scroll advertisement on 23. A member of the group asked if there would be a fee involved and Elaine said it would have to be investigated.


Old Business:


Wes Englund has been working hard to mount the new sharpening system in our cabinet. It is now complete and installed. The discussion continues - “What about a felt wheel, asked Wes Englund? “We need to address the matter of different angles”, stated John Skaggs. “We need different size wheels, which can be put on and removed” piped up Art Sinden.  Roger Benedict and Bob Hallstrom will be conducting small group instructions on how to use the sharpening system. There will be a sign of sheet and three people will be instructed at a time. As new members are recruited, they will be educated.


Steve Terrill, president, informed the group that there is a thank you on Severson Dells Facebook Page acknowledging Roger Benedict’s contributions to Severson Dells. The quote is as follows: “Roger Benedict, artist & friend of Severson Dells, has gifted another carving of his to us. Roger is the guy whose wonderful piece is hanging on the wall as you enter the building by the classroom that depicts all the aspects of Severson. Now they have another one called Sunset”. Come in and see it.


Sharon Knitter is having by-pass surgery on Thursday, September 20, 2012. Card will be provided to group to sign and secretary will send to Sharon. Card also will be sent to Jayne Pheiffer, who now resides at Independence Village in Rockford.


We have been advised that it will no longer be necessary to set up and break down the tables after every meeting.


Our club President, Steve Terrill , notified club members of a creative opportunity being offered by the guy that runs the Bingo games here at the Lady of the Sacred Heart. What is needed are ten place markers to indicate individuals who have yelled Bingo and need their cards certified as bona fide winners. Steve has the design and needs a volunteer to accomplish the needed carving. If you are interested, see Steve.


hatLarry Clark questioned where planer and edger blades can be sharpened. Suggestions ensued. Try Shop at Winsor & Alpine, no try Alpine and Forest Hills or try Nicholson Hardware,  

The meeting was adjourned at 9:56 AM


Rosalie A. Wesley


Show and Tell:


Gale Terrell created a small skunk, and an outhouse bank with a quarter at its base and a sign, which read “Attention Bob Coleman put quarter in bank and receive a free cup of coffee”.  Bob followed the instruction and placed the quarter in the outhouse bank, which immediately sprang into action and collapsed on the floor. Bob’s comment was “you just wanted to see if I could bend over and pick it up”. The skunk was carved from basswood, painted with acrylics and given a wax finish.

Louie Jurisch carved an aspen laminated swan. Louie stated that aspen is terrible to stain and needs to be well sealed. After a lack of success, he painted it white, but he will do another swan.


Richard Prutz carved a sign titled, Texas Road House, with two horse heads enclosed by a horse shoe. The stain is oak and is sealed with three coats of shellac.


Art Sinden carved a mother and child. He used the Willow Tree brand clay sculpture as a model. Art’s carving is out of basswood, enhanced with acrylic paint and with a Watco finish.


Gordy Moscinski had two items. The first was Gordy’s Gourd, a gourd with strategically placed holes, colorful flowers and butterflies.  The gourd and butterfly are wonderfully colorful.  He also carved and painted a blue and gray Kingfisher with a leaf for a base.


Chuck Drewes carved an oak leaf patterned after a European oak leaf candy dish. He carved it out of butternut and sanded - first with 80 grit/white, then with 320 grit/red and finally with 600 grit/black. Though he sanded, he asked for advice on how he could have avoided the sanding. He received this advice - “don’t use butternut “and “give it to Don Stansfield, he never sands”.


Jerome Mais carved Bubba. He used the pattern and instructions he found in the summer 2004 issue of Carving Magazine.  Jerome used basswood, an acrylic paint wash and a polyurethane finish.


Frank Lay had three items that he carved.  He carved a standing flower and leaf motif out of a board with a split.  His second item was a manger scene he found in Carving Magazine and recreated it in basswood.  He finished it with polyurethane. His last item was carved a leaf with a face out of basswood. 


Carrie Lay created an iris and butterfly using a wood burning technique. She used water soluble colored pencils and applied a water soluble latex varnish. Needless to say she needed to start over as the pencil colors bled.  The second time she used acrylics and a fixative.


Bob Matthews carved three items: a cypress knee Santa, a green teal drake and two ruby throated hummingbirds.


Wes Englund carved a unique dish, a trunk with a layer of leaves on top to create a candy dish, which was later filled with M & M peanuts.


David Meyer carved a medium relief scene. He finished with a Watco and burnt sienna stain mix.

skunk and outhouse white swan

texas road house  mother and child  gourd

kingfisher    leaf motif

bubba       bubba        flower

iris      cypress knee santa

green teal   green teal

humming bird   candy dish

carved plate

Thanks to Larry!

Larry Clark, club photographer, photographed all the ribbon winners at our annual woodcarving show. Larry worked tirelessly for over two and a half hours to create a video presentation he placed on the Show & Tell table.  Several of the pictures will be submitted to Chip Chats for publication.

Want some carving tips?  Try  “You Tube”  on line and put in “woodcarvers”  Thanks to Bob Coleman for the suggestion!

shipWood burning Class!  (Pyrography)

Bernie Budzynski, Gordy Moscinski will co-teach a class on Woodburning.

Dates: October 31 and November 7.

Things you will need:  A Woodburner  pen with tips for shading, writing, and a skew, as well as graphite paper for transferring a pattern and a red pencil for tracing.  You will have a choice of patterns.



Thanks to Jeff Hartman for the delicious Birthday Cake at our last meeting.  And, by the way, Happy Belated Birthday!



Shows within 3 to 4 hours one-way drive time of Rockford will be listed as they become known.

October 20-21; Wheaton, IL

North Suburban Carvers’ annual Artistry in Wood show and sale at DuPage County Fairgrounds, 2015 W. Manchester Rd.; 10 am -4 pm.  Free Parking.  Admission $5, under 16 free.  Judy Kavathas (773) 775-8993;

October 27-28; Danville IL

Kickapoo Karvers’ 31st Annual show at New Life Banquet Center, 1419 N Bowman Ave.  Jim Van Duyn (217) 497-9859.

October 28, Madison WI

Capital Area Carvers and Badger Woodturners co-sponsor the 24th Woodcarvers/Woodturners Show/Sale at Olbrich Botanical Gardens; 9-4.  Free Adm.  Demos, Raffles.  Bob Tomlinson (608) 635-4552,;  Gordon or Mimi Bentley (608) 297-2972.

More listings are available in Chip Chats!  (ed. Note - As winter approaches, beware of the many shows coming up in Florida and Arizona for those of you who travel south.)

Tip of the day (Overheard at Blackhawk Woodcarvers)

Trouble carving old Basswood?  Try the famous 50/50 mix of water and alcohol.  This is a tip I got from John Skaggs, but many of our  veterans know it.  I was carving a ball-in-cage and had to true up the ball’s cross grain.  I sprayed it with 50/50 and I could carve off 1/64” slices easily.  Especially good on cross grain. 

John Skaggs adds another hint for old wood.  Place in a cooler with a cup of boiling water overnight to moisturize and then keep it in a ziplock when not carving.          Steve

Missing Books (down to 6)

#10 - How to Design & make Wood Reliefs / Robert Skinner

#36 - Chip Carving Technique & Patterns / Wayne Barton

#44 - Knife Carving / Ivan Whillock

#64 - 1001 Design for Whittling / E T Tangerman

#79 - Scrap Wood Fun for Kids / Robert Endicott

#150 - Creative Chip Carving / Frank Mannims


P. O. Box 15488 Loves Park, Illinois             61132-5488
Open Carving every Wednesday (8:30-11am) except Dec 26.
Ken Rock Community Center (Sacred Heart Academy, multi-purpose room) 3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109

 Business Meeting; third Wednesday. of the month.  Friends and spouses of carvers are especially welcome to come to meet and visit.  Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”


CLUB OFFICERS            (area code 815)

President - Steve Terrill,       393-4581

Vice Pres. - Bob Coleman,     988-1757

Secretary - Rosalie Wesley…738-2201

Treasurer - John Skaggs,      547-6951


 COMMITTEES        (area code 815)

Librarian, Bernie Budzynski, 332-2395

2012 Show Co-Chairmen - Bob Hallstrom, 963-1326 and Don Stansfield, 235-0075

Webmaster - Gordon Moscinski,  874-7978.  Club Website -

Membership Chair - Dona Wisner,  399-3169

Newsletter -Publisher - Gary Johnson,   399-1697

Newsletter Writer - Steve Terrill,  393-4581

Photographer - Larry Clark,  262-9982


Business Meetings & Special Events -

ð October 17 -        Business Meeting

ð November 21 -   Business Meeting

ð  December 5 -      Christmas Party

ð  December 19 -    Business Meeting

NEW YEAR -   2013

ð  January 16 -      Business Meeting

ð  February 20 -     Business Meeting

ð  March 20 -          Business Meeting

ð  April 17 -             Business Meting

ð  May 15 -              Business Meeting

ð  June 19-              Business Meeting

ð  July 17 -              Business Meeting

ð  August 14 -         Business Meeting

ð  August 17           Club Show, Tebala Center

ð  September 18 - Business Meeting

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