Blackhawk Carving Club
Rockford, Illinois 61109
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Blackhawk Woodcarver
Volume XIX, Issue 2, February 2012

The President’s Corner

Happy February to all of you Woodcarvers.   Did you make a New Year’s resolution to carve more or try a new medium? 

We have opportunities coming up to show our carving spirit and talent.  There is the March 24 show at Rock Valley Nursery where we still need carvers to demonstrate their talents. 

We look forward to Roger Benedicts relief carving class (more in this issue). 

I am impressed with the number of carvers in our group who have taken classes from any number of known and respected carvers.  It is a way to change your skill level.  The ones who do so well, have not gotten there in a vacuum. 

Personally, I know I need to take the challenge and start a challenging project.  There are plenty of “experts” around the club who can give me advice.  I remember Richard Prutz saying that he thanked the thousand members who helped him with his last project. 

Have any interests in learning about a particular topic?  Let your officers know. 

So keep those wood chips flying!  



The average number of UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) for a carver is 21.


abe  Here’s Abe dashing to get his taxes done!


dollar sign


It is a new year.  Time to renew your dues.  Cost is still $25.  See Dona Wisner.


January Program

Dave DonahueMany Thanks to Dave Donahue for explaining how CLR (Center For Learning in Retirement) works.  He is really a talented carver and photographer.  I hope most of you got a chance to see his Green Wing Teal Duck carving.  The painting was extraordinary!  John Skaggs says that he has many more carvings on display at his home that are all excellent.


Minutes (in brief)

 Minutes of the regular monthly business of Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on January 18, 2012, at 3218 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM by President Steve Terrill.

There were 47 members and guests signed in.

President Steve Terrill thanked the following:  Gary Lundquist for all the time and effort expended for the past two years as President; Bob Capion for his 6 months as Vice-president ( Bob resigned for personal reasons) and Bob Matthews, who graciously completed Mr. Capion’s term.

President Steve Terrill extended a welcome to newly elected Secretary, Rosalie Wesley and newly elected Vice President, Bob Coleman.

Minutes for December 14, 2011, read and approved.

Treasurer’s report given by John Skaggs. The balance in checking is $5,927.43 and in savings $25.13. An audit will be conducted by Bob Hallstrom to ensure accuracy.  Report approved.

Petty cash according to Dona Wisner is $348.44. Report approved.

Dona Wisner, Membership Chairperson, indicated we have 112 members.  There are 92 Active members and 20 associates.

Newsletter report given by Steve Terrill.

Web Master, Gordy Moscinski, encourage members to visit the site. 

Roger Benedict will be conducting a Relief Workshop for beginners from February 8 through March 21 (Wednesdays) at this facility. He signed up twelve participants, the class is full. He will be providing a handout for the necessary tools for this class. The cost was $15 for members and $25 for nonmembers.

Don Stansfield informed the members that Jayne Pheiffer has broken her arm. Secretary is so advised and a card will be send around for members signatures and well wishes. The new name for Denny tools is OCC (Ozark Country Carver).

OCC tools and two new relief tools are available for sale - see Don if you wish to purchase tools or supplies. He has two new books available. First Projects for Woodcarvers by Larry Green and Mike Altman:  Boot and Project Kit are $30, Book is $12,  Book Blank is $2.25, Dog Blank is $3 and Nativity Blanks are $20.The second book is Carving Small Characters by Jack Price. There is no price quote yet.

John Skaggs has endorsed “Jergens Natural Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream” to hydrate  and moisturize rough hands. A counter recommendation was for Udder Balm available at Farm and Fleet.


Carving Class

 Roger Benedict will be conducting a relief carving class designed for beginning carvers or at least beginners to Relief Carving.  Cost is $15 to members and $25 to non-members.  Materials are $ 6 to 12.  Roger filled up the class in the first half hour after passing around a sign up sheet.  Many in the club have taken relief classes from Roger and there is non better! 

The class will be February 8 through March 21 (note change in dates) on Wednesday meeting days from 9:00 to 10:45  

Anyone who has not seen Roger’s Wildlife Carving at Severson Dells should do so. 


February Birthdays (that we know about).
Gary Lundquist                  2/6
Gordy Moscinski                2/26


April Program
Don Stansfield will conduct a carving class in April, after the business meeting.  He will teach us how to carve a “Scottie dog”. 

Rember what the frogs say, "Time's fun when you are having flies!

Your new officers

Text Box: Club Paraphernalia

Club Paraphernalia

Bob Matthews has Blackhawk Woodcarver Patches for $5.
He can also order Shirts and Aprons.

Steve has Blackhawk Woodcarver Coffee mugs for $4 (members) or $5 for non-members


   Show and Tell



Mark Boyd carved a couple of twisted willow branches with multiple wood sprites. 

Marshall Field carved a number of (7) miniature Celtic Hearts out of hardwood.  He has Walnut, Beechnut and Cherry.
Bunny Nordheim carved a fantasy tree house.

Don Stansfield showed three carving tools that he made custom handles and caps for.  The direction of the grain on the skew goes in the same direction as the angle of the skew (as we would expect from Don).

Lisa Hanus has been busy with work but she did send pictures of her recently completed Loon complete with realistic outdoor setting.  It looks ready to fly!


Membership Directories-

For 2011/2012 are here.  See Rosalie Wesley.  They are a very reasonable $2.  They even have pictures!


New Carvers

donDon Stansfield has materials for beginners with a beginning carving book and project blanks for carvings described in the books.  He is looking to add more resources.  He is also the “go to” guy for basic carving knives as well as quite a selection of more advanced knives and gouges.  Ask him if you have a particular need.  He pretty much has tried or has at home each of the tools that he sells!




Classes at The Woodcraft Shop (Bettendorf Iowa)

classesHarley Refsal - Scandinavian Flat Plane Carving (think “Whittling Little Folk” and others)  Wed. Eve. @ 6 to Fri. Eve @ 5: Feb. 22, 23, 24, 2012  or  Fri. Eve. @6 to Sun. Eve @ 5: Feb 24, 25, 26, 2012.

Linda (Langenberg) Curtis - Carving and Painting a Panda (with a power carver) Mar. 2, 3, 4, 2012

Sharon Bechtold - Woodburning  (this lady is talented)  Apr. 21, 22, 2012

John Engler - Medium Relief Woodcarving - May 25, 26, 27 2012

John Engler - Painting your Relief Woodcarving - Sun. June 10, 2012


Classes at The Woodcraft Shop, 2724 State Street, Bettendorf, IA 52722.  800-397-2278


Kids in Church...

 After the Christening of his baby brother in Church, Jason sobbed all of the way home in the back seat of the car.  His father asked him three times what was wrong.  Finally, the boy replied “That preacher said he wanted us brought up in a Christian home, and I wanted to stay with you guys.” 

(Thanks to Bill Barr)



I was talking to Gale Terrell about the chain I was carving and it evolved into a discussion of balls in cages and Hobo carving.  Gale brought in some of his early work which is excellent including a spoon with a chain, spiral, and two balls in cages.  He also had a couple of pocket fidgets with balls in cages and a hardwood ball in a cage.  His work is excellent. 




 Shows within 3 to 4 hours one-way drive time of Rockford will be listed as they become known.

Feb 18-19: St. Charles, IL
Winter Wood Wonders sponsored by Owl Hardwood Lumber. Kane County Fairgrounds, 525 S. Randall Rd.  10am-4pm Sat. & Sun.  Net profits go to benefit our Veterans. Suggested donation $3 adm. Contact: or call Shelly at 773.405.2229

March 17-18, 2012, Stevens Point, WI, Wisconsin River Woodcarvers 12th annual show, competition, & sal, Ramada Inn, 1501 Northpoint Drive, 9AM-4PM, both days.  Call Ron O’Kray 715-341-2214, or Greg Wirtz 715-423-0471.

March 31-Apr 1, 2012 Green Bay, WI  30th annual Woodworking Show and Sale.  Southwest High School, 1331 Packerland Dr.  Free Adm.  Contact 920-468-0123.

Apr 14-15: Waterloo, IA 39th Annual Iowa State Woodcarvers Show.  Waterloo Center for the Arts. Noon-5pm Sat. & 11am-4:30pm Sun. Contact Roger Beane, 319-283-2688,

 Apr 14-15: Portage IN Duneland Woodcarvers Show, Woodland Park, Portage IN.  Contact Dave Kings: 219-988-5610

June 9-17: Maquoketa, IA International Woodcarvers Congress, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Maquaketa IA, Contact The Woodcraft Shop for information at 800-397-2278.


The latest survey shows that three out of four people make up 75% of the population. 



Business Meetings & Special Events -

NEW YEAR -   2012

ð    January 18 -        Business Meeting

ð    February 15 -      Business Meeting

ð    March 21 -             Business Meeting

ð    April 18 -               Business Meting

ð    May 16 -                Business Meeting

ð June 20- Business Meeting

ð July 18 - Business Meeting

ð August 15 - Business Meeting

ð August 18 Club Show, Tebala Center

ð September 19 - Business Meeting

ð October 17 - Business Meeting

ð November 21 - Business Meeting

ð December 19 - Christmas Party



P. O. Box 15488 Loves Park, Illinois    61132-5488

Open Carving every Wednesday (8:30-11am) except Dec 24, 25, 31; Jan 1; and July 4. Ken Rock Community Center (Sacred Heart Academy, multi-purpose room) 3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109

Business Meeting; third Wednesday. of the month Friends and spouses of carvers are especially welcome to come to meet and visit.  Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”


President - Steve Terrill,       393-4581
Vice Pres. - Bob Coleman,     988-1757
Secretary - Rosalie Wesle
y   738-2201
Treasurer - John Skaggs,      547-6951




Librarian                             Bernie Budzynski,          815-332-2395

2011 Show Co-Chairmen      Bob Hallstrom,              815-963-1326
                                            Don Stansfield,            815-235-0075

Webmaster -                        Gordon Moscinski,        815-874-7978

Club Website -

Membership Chair -             Dona Wisner,                 815-399-3169

Newsletter -Publishers -       Bernie Budzynski            815-332-2395
                                            Gary Johnson               815-399-1697

Newsletter Writer -              Steve Terrill,                   815-393-4581

Photographer -                     Larry Clark,                   815-262-9982

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