Blackhawk Carving Club
Rockford, Illinois 61109
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Blackhawk Woodcarver
Volume XIX, Issue 3, March 2012

The President’s Corner


Happy March to all of you Woodcarvers.  

The spring thaw is not far away.  Soon the snowbirds will be returning.  I hope we get to see what they have been carving.

Don’t forget the March 24 show at Rock Valley Nursery where we still need carvers to demonstrate their talents. 

Roger Benedicts relief carving class is progressing nicely.
rogers class

Have any interests in learning about a particular topic or a speaker you think might interest the club?  Let your officers know. 

So keep those wood chips flying!  



signIt is a new year.  Time to renew your dues.  Cost is still $25.  See Dona Wisner.


jigLet’s Dance the Jig!


We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.


Past Presidents - Bob Hallstrom


Bob Hallstrom was President of Blackhawk Woodcarvers for two years, 2008-9.  He was very active and made many changes that improved the club.  He does not wish to take all of the credit as Don Stansfield, the Vice President and he were considered a team.  Together they started doing ongoing classes for the club.  They had hands on carving during the meetings and carving demonstrations every quarter.  They added the special auction at the show that changed the event from a break even event to a money making event.  They moved the meetings from night time (on Tuesdays) to days on Wednesdays.  Immediately the average meeting attendance went from a few carvers to 40 or so.  It has kept growing since then. 

 Bob worked in industrial grinding for 25 years.  This helps to make him the “go to” guy for sharpening.  He started carving after seeing a friend in Madison who carved for a living.  His friend’s wife told him he should do that.  So he took Gordy’s carving class at Ken Rock in 85 or 86.  He quit for a while until he retired and then joined a carving group in Arizona around ‘99.  He considers Jim Rose and Madelon Puffer as mentors. 

Bob likes carving human figures, caricatures, Santa’s, realistic stuff, and chip carving crosses.  Stop and see his work, he is very good. 

Little known fact that during his term in office there were some finan
financial concerns and he donated a significant amount of money to get the treasury going again. 

Past President Elaine Terrell says, “Bob has a heart of gold!  He donates the aprons for new carvers.” 

Bob and his teammate Don brought Blackhawk Woodcarvers to a new level.  Thanks, Bob and Don!


Minutes (in brief)


Minutes of the regular monthly business meeting of Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on February 15, 2012 at 3218 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.

Minutes for January 18, 2012, read and approved. 

Treasurer, John Skaggs, was on vacation so no report of current accounts was available. A preliminary audit was conducted by Bob Hallstrom and all accounts balance. A more through audit will be conducted when the Treasurer returns and accumulated dues and class funds are added to the mix.

Dona Wisner’s Petty Cash Report indicated that at the end of 2011 there was a balance and some was transferred to the treasury and some was retained as seed money for coffee and sundries. Report approved.

Membership Chairperson, Dona Wisner, gave her report. There are a total of 114 members, 20 are associate members. Two new members have been added to the roster since the last meeting; they are Chuck Drewes and Ed Vitell. All members but 16 have renewed membership. If dues are not paid by March the past practice has been “ no dues - no mailed newsletter”.

Web Master, Gordy Moscinski, is maintaining the site and again encourage members to give it a try. Club Website is

President Steve Terrill advised the members of a recent car vandalism in the parking lot. He advised everyone to be vigilant and lock your car doors and do not keep valuables in plain sight.

Bob Hallstrom advised members that if you do not have a club apron, they are available at no charge. He needs your name and nationality to personalize said apron.

Roger Benedict thanked whoever did the pictorial guide for members. Tod Wisner acknowledge the evolution of the Membership Directory was an amalgamation of people. Bernie Budzynski brought back a few sheets of papers with pictures from a carving club in Florida. Lisa Hanus told Tod Wisner that our club could do better. Tod and Lisa collaborated. They took member pictures. Lisa developed the original questionaire. Tod edited the answers for cohesiveness. The Minuteman Press in Loves Park did the printing. Membership Directories are available for $2 each. Contact the club Secretary if you need one.

New Carvers


Don Stansfield has materials for beginners with a beginning carving book and donproject blanks for carvings described in the books.  He is looking to add more resources.  He is also the “go to” guy for basic carving knives as well as quite a selection of more advanced knives and gouges.  Ask him if you have a particular need.  He pretty much has tried or has at home each of the tools that he sells!

Book and Projects Kit      $30.00
Book                               $12.00
Boot Blank                      $  2.25
Dog Blank                       $  3.00
Nativity Blanks                  $20.00



Membership Directories-

For 2011/2012 are here.  See Rosalie Wesley.  They are a very reasonable $2.  They even have pictures!


March Birthdays (that we know about). - None

(We have birthdays recorded for about 1/3 of our members.  See Dona Wisner to update your membership record with a birthday.)


Who is this?


April Program

Don Stansfield will conduct a carving class in April, after the business meeting.  He will teach us how to carve a “Scottie dog”. 

 It was determined that research causes cancer in rats.


Club Paraphernalia


Bob Hallstrom has Blackhawk Woodcarver Patches for $5. (sorry for mislabeling Bob Hallstrom as Bob Matthews in the February newsletter! So many Bobs!)

He can also order Shirts and Aprons. 

Steve has Blackhawk Woodcarver Coffee mugs for $4 (members) or $5 for non-members


Show and Tell

 cane  owl  lamp


carved indian      snoopy carved

Mary Wilder carved a hand sized Musky out of bass wood. She then burned it and applied acrylic paint with a touch of florescent finish.

Frank Lay carved 3 walking sticks out of found wood. He finished them with Polyurethane. He commented that he was pleased that he saw progress from his first stick to his third.

 Marshall Field, Jr. carved four palm sized items: a heart from cherry wood, a crown of thorns from Honduras wood and a fireball and cross from hardwood. All were finished with Polyurethane.

Lee Thomas brought in a duck that he purchased. It was inscribed on the bottom “Gadwall” Gordon Long 4-1-83.

Larry Clark carved 2 Santas: one in basswood and the other in butternut. Both were hand rubbed with Minwax.  He also carved linking hearts of butternut.

Tony DeVita carved a small ice skating Snoopy dog with aluminum skates. He carved out of basswood and finished it with acrylic paint.

Gordy Moscinski carved a green snake out of basswood and finished it with acrylic paint with a finishing coat of varnish. He displayed the snake on a plastic tube with electric wire to create a vehicle in which the snake slithers down the stick- turn it over and it slithers again.

 Carl Hicks carved a cane out of veined locust wood. The cane with Blackhawk Woodcarvers and the date carved on the side was then donated to the club for a door prize for our next carving show.

Lonnie Hayes carved an Indian into a piece of cottonwood bark. He gave it a shoe polish finish.

Chuck Drewes carved a Screech Owl out of basswood. He painted it with water color and then finished it with polyurethane and boiled linseed oil.

John Winter carved a lamp base out of oak. Instead of glue he used screws to secure the pieces. He originally envisioned the lamp base as a swing with wooden chains instead of rope. He created the chains, but the swing seat did not work, so a design change was necessitated.


Classes at The Woodcraft Shop (Bettendorf Iowa)


Linda (Langenberg) Curtis - Carving and Painting a Panda (with a power carver) Mar. 2, 3, 4, 2012

sharonSharon Bechtold - Woodburning  (this lady is talented)  Apr. 21, 22, 2012

John Engler - Medium Relief Woodcarving - May 25, 26, 27 2012

John Engler - Painting your Relief Woodcarving - Sun. June 10, 2012


Classes at The Woodcraft Shop, 2724 State Street, Bettendorf, IA 52722.  800-397-2278


Sharon Bechtold


Life Is Too Short, Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly,

Laugh Uncontrollably, Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile.

Life May Not Be The Party We Hoped For, But While We Are Here, We Should Dance!




Shows within 3 to 4 hours one-way drive time of Rockford will be listed as they become known.

March 17-18, 2012, Rothschild, WI,


Wisconsin River Woodcarvers 12th annual show, competition, & sale, The Patriot Center, 10101 Market Street, Saturday 9AM-5 PM; Sunday 9AM-4PM, Admission $2.  Call Ron O’Kray 715-341-2214, or Greg Wirtz 715-4230471.

March 31-Apr 1, 2012 Green Bay, WI  30th annual Woodworking Show and Sale.  Southwest High School, 1331 Packerland Dr.  9:30-5:00 Free Adm.  Contact 920-468-0123

Apr 14-15: Waterloo, IA

39th Annual Iowa State Woodcarvers Show.  Waterloo Center for the Arts. Noon-5pm Sat. & 11am-4:30pm Sun. Contact Roger Beane, 319-283-2688,

Apr 14-15: Portage IN

36th Annual Duneland Woodcarvers Show, Woodland Park, 2100 Willowcreek Rd., Portage IN.  Saturday 10-5; Sunday 10-3.  $4 for 2 day pass.  Contact DaveKings: 219--988-5610,

April 21, 2012: Sheboygan Falls, WI 

Kettle Karvers Show - 375 Buffalo Street; 10-4; Adm $2; Contact Bob Lawrence (920) 458-4947.

April 29, 2012: Appleton, WI

Mid-WisconsinChippers 38th annual competition, show and sale at Monarch Gardens, 2311 W. Spencer St.; 10am to 4 pm. Adm $2 .  Demos, vendors, food. Contact Jayne Neuenfeldt (920) 982-5582.

June 9-17: Maquoketa, IA

International Woodcarvers Congress, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Maquaketa IA, Contact The Woodcraft Shop for information at 800-397-2278.


More listings are available in Chip Chats!


About Blackhawk Woodcarvers



Business Meetings & Special Events -

ð    March 21 -             Business Meeting

ð    April 18 -               Business Meting - Don Stansfield will conduct a carving class in April, after the business meeting.  He will teach us how to carve a “Scottie dog”. 

ð    May 16 -                Business Meeting

ð    June 20-                 Business Meeting

ð    July 18 -                Business Meeting

ð    August 15 -            Business Meeting

ð August 18 Club Show, Tebala Center

ð September 19 - Business Meeting

ð October 17 - Business Meeting

ð November 21 - Business Meeting

ð December 19 - Christmas Party

NEW YEAR -   201

ð January 16 - Business Meeting

ð February 20 - Business Meeting



P. O. Box 15488 Loves Park, Illinois    61132-5488

Open Carving every Wednesday

       (8:30-11am) except July 4.

Ken Rock Community Center (Sacred Heart Academy, multi-purpose room)

3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109

Business Meeting; third Wednesday. of the month

Friends and spouses of carvers are especially welcome to come to meet and visit.  Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”


President - Steve Terrill,       393-4581

Vice Pres. - Bob Coleman,     988-1757

Secretary - Rosalie Wesley…738-2201

Treasurer - John Skaggs,      547-6951




Librarian  Bernie Budzynski, 332-2395

2012 Show Co-Chairmen

Bob Hallstrom,               963-1326

Don Stansfield,              235-0075

Webmaster -  Gordon Moscinski,        874-7978

Club Website -

Membership Chair - Dona Wisner,                 399-3169

Newsletter -Publishers -

Bernie Budzynski          332-2395 and Gary Johnson 399-1697

Newsletter Writer -  Steve Terrill, 393-4581

Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982

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