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Blackhawk Woodcarver
Volume XIX, Issue 11, November 2012

The Presdent’s Corner

It is starting to feel like November. The leaves are almost gone (from the trees, not necessarily our lawns). We see frost on the lawns and roofs. The cornfields are mostly down. Snow can’t be far away.
Don Stansfield’s carving class at CLR is over and Bob Hallstrom’s is almost done. The Bernie/Gordy pyrography class is ending. These have been wonderful opportunities for our club. Thanks guys for stretching yourselves and taking the risk and time to teach.
Bob Matthews and Roger Benedict are interested in teaching classes this winter. Bob is planning a feather carving, burning and painting class, hopefully, the second week in January for 4 or so sessions.
Tony DeVita, Bob Matthews, and Arne Larsen are meeting to talk about how to better advertise our annual show with signs pointing the way. Thanks, men!
Thanks to Carl Hicks for bringing in old woodworking and carving magazines.
Thanks to Will Rottman for bringing in pictures of the Picnic to share.
If you have not started your holiday carving projects, you are running out of time. The holidays will soon be here.
Don’t forget to keep those chips flying!             Steve

thanksgivingNovember Birthdays   (that we know about).

Bernie Budzynski 11-6
Richard Andersen 11-20
Ray Olson 11-25

angel       santa
Bob Hallstrom's carving class at CLR

Minutes (in brief)

Minutes of the regular monthly business meeting of the Blackhawk Woodcarvers; …Due to the absence of Treasurer John Skaggs, who was vacationing in Italy, the report was delivered by President Steve Terrill. Three expenditures, judges’ fees, printing cost and service charge, in September. We are solvent.
Petty cash report by Dona Wisner… / Membership Chairperson, Dona Wisner indicated an increase in membership. There are now a total of 119 members: 99 active and 20 associates. The three new members are: Nancy Ewald, Don Magnuson and Linda Mensching, who has rejoined after a two year absence.
For our records, please notify the membership chairperson of the month and day of your birthday. This information will then be listed on our membership list and noted in our monthly newsletter acknowledgements.
Dona announced she is officially retiring from petty cash and membership duties at the end of the year. If you would like to volunteer to assume either or both of these offices , please notify any of the current officers.,
Gordy Moscinski, Web Master, reported that the web site is up to date.
Bernie Budzynski, Librarian, lists books that have been checked out and not returned in each monthly newsletter. There are two additional books missing, 117 and 176.

New Business:
Will Rottman has tickets available for the Swedish Pancake & Sausage Brunch that will be held on Sunday, November 11, 2012 from 9am until 12:30pm. at Svithiod Hall located at1124 4th Ave in Rockford. The brunch includes - pancakes, sausage, Lingonberries, juice, coffee or milk. The Brunch is sponsored by Corona, John Ericsson Lodge #23. A donation of $6 per person is suggested.
Bob Matthews has volunteered to teach a class this winter. He will be teaching how to carve, burn and paint a feather.
Arne Larsen acknowledged and thanked Gordy Moscinski for the knife he gave him. He also wished to thank everyone on behalf of the Shriners who contributed to the Pot of Gold Drawing.
Bob Matthews advised the group that we need to spend some money to advertise our annual woodcarving show. He is suggesting we purchase reusable signs that give the address of the show with a detectable portion that gives the date and time of the show. The signs could be put up the day of the show or the day before. Since the annual show is on Newburg Road, signs could be placed on the corner of Newburg and Mill Roads, the corner of Bell School and Newburg Roads and the corner of Perryville and Newburg Roads. Committee will be established after meeting to discuss the matter. Arne Larson will help and so will Roger Benedict. Roger Benedict is heading up the nominating committee for a new slate of officers.

Old Business:
Woodburning classes to be offer by Gordy Moscinski and Bernie Budzynski on two consecutive Wednesdays, October 31 and November 7. There will be no fee, but check the newsletter for needed supplies. There is a sign up sheet.
Rosalie A. Wesley

bookHave you given Dona or Elaine a recipe for the club cookbook? (I did and it only took a year)

Want to save us Money? The newsletter is available on the website (  You can read it there in it’s entirety and save us either printing or postage. If you wish to do this, let Gary Johnson know to take your name off the distribution list!

mantotom poleTotems from Ralph Rosignol’s class this past summer.
Little person from Denney Neubauer’s impromptu class this summer.

showtellShow and Tell:

Bob Coleman carved a wind spirit from a three foot section of soft wood. He was not sure if it was basswood or something else. After carving he applied an oak stain and finished with polyurethane.

Larry Clark got a new Helvie knife and made a holder. He took a piece of butternut, halved it, traced the blade outline on one side of each piece of wood, carved the outline so that the blade would fit securely, then he lined it with a piece of bicycle inner tube, then he measured the thickness of both the inner tube and the blade and the glued the pieces together. When the glue set he carved a face on the outer portion of the holder.

When Larry trimmed excess glue from the rim of the holder, he trimmed too much and inadvertently insert his knife into this side opening rather than the one in the middle. Larry likes his new knife holder, but it’s a little hard to pull the knife from the holder. The next time he will on put a piece of bicycle inner tube to only one side of the wood and would be more careful with the glue.

Carl Hicks carved two canes. The first cane was carved from a poison oak vine, Carl stripped off the bark and applied polyurethane before carving. Carl used a straight cane and entwined an intricately carved snake on this base. The second cane was also a poison oak vine and he applied the same procedure as the first. This cane has butterflies on it, he patterned them off of ones which he found in Birds & Bloom magazine . The butterflies were painted with acrylics and finished with clear polyurethane. The wood came from Marshall Field and was a nice wood, but had a pitch that was hard to sand and so he had to smooth it out with a knife.

Carl has another piece of wood vine, but it has an unusual twist. He is going to try to change the direction of the twist with steam. Just take a catfish cooking pot or a teapot for steam. Attach something like an a portion of an aluminum eve spout to the top of the pot or the spout, turn on the heat source, when steam forms place the piece of wood, usually not over 12 inches in the spout. Wait 8-10 minutes and remove from heat with tongs or pliers to protect your hands. Place the now pliable wood over a 4 inch object, like an anvil and tie the ends with baling wire. You have now changed the shape of the wood. The trick is in knowing how long to steam the wood.

Will Rottman decided to carve something other than relief and caricatures. He used a chunk of walnut for the new project, a black double spoon with hearts. Will started at the bottom and a part of it broke, but he fixed it by drilling into the top of the middle heart, inserting a nail and shoving it together. He used putty black, but it didn’t finish well.

Tony DeVita’s son bought him a 20 quart cooking pot, but because it was so large Tony had a hard time putting it in the cupboard and complained it was so big he ought to take it to the car wash to get it clean. So, Tony’s son gave him the large spoon displayed on the Show & Tell table.

Roger Benedict carved a side view relief of the hay loft opening side of a barn out of basswood. He created texture with a nail and used his 50/50 blend. He displayed it on a hand-made easel.

Gordy Moscinski created an art box. On the front of the box was the name Sofie and on the side a modern sleeping beauty, Aurora. To create the color on beauty, Gordy used colored pencil. It is a process, first color with the pencil like a coloring book, dip an artist brush in water, wipe off excess with a paper towel, apply brush to colored area, outline folds and exterior with a darker color and then feather in with the brush from dark to nothing and then outline yellow hair with a brown outline and finish with a white glue on dress and apply sprinkles to dress.

Gordy created this and other art boxes for his nieces, nephews and granddaughter.  In each case he put the kids name on front and on the side was Spiderman, Tinkerbelle, rainbows, dolphins or Sleeping Beauty. Each pattern was obtained from the internet.

Gordy’s fish started with a 1 x 6 inch pine board, shaped it into the form of a fish, glued Birch Bark to it and then created a water-colored scene with loons.

Bob Matthews‘ wife wanted another Cypress Knee Santa for one of her girlfriends, so Bob carved another Santa. He painted it in acrylics and finished it with a Krylon spray.
Bob also carved 3 birds in a berry tree. The birds are Cedar Wax Wings and are carved from basswood. They are mounted on a Manzanita branch, the leaves are made from copper and the berries epoxy. The branch is mounted on iron wood that is attached to maple.
Loctoberfest at Lockwood Park

carved santa     knife holder     cane       cane
    art box      fish

barn  spoon
We have been asked to demonstrate woodcarving at First Lutheran Church’s Santa Lucia event on December 8 2012 from 9am to Noon. They are showing old time crafts. There is an opportunity to sell your carvings if you wish. Let Steve know if you are interested!

Shows within 3 to 4 hours one-way drive time of Rockford will be listed as they become known.

February 2-3; Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Cedar Valley Woodcarvers’ Show at Longbranch Hotel and Convention Center, 90 Twixtown Rd. NE. Free Admission. Saturday 9-5; Sunday 10-4. Maurie Vandewalle (319) 377-6520.

February 16-17; St. Charles, IL
Winter Wood Wonders at Kane County Fairground, 525 S. Randal Rd.; 10-4. All proceeds to wounded Veterans. Shelly Weiser (773) 405-2229

April 13-14; Waterloo. Iowa
40th Annual Iowa State Woodcarvers Show at
Waterloo Center for the Arts, 225 Commercial St. Saturday Noon to 5:00; Sunday 11:00 to 4:30. Steve Russell (319) 269-3450. Info and forms at

April 20; Sheboygan Falls, WI
Kettle Karvers’ 23rd annual show at Sheboygan Falls Municipal Building, 375Buffalo Street: 10 am to 4 pm. Bob Lawrence. 227 Brookfield Ct, Sheboygan, WI 53081; (920) 458-4947.

More listings are available in Chip Chats! (ed. Note - As winter approaches, beware of the many shows coming up in Florida and Arizona for those of you who travel south.)

moneyTime to Pay your Dues for 2013!
See Dona Wisner (she will gladly take your money and maybe even write you a receipt.) Please note that there is a job opening for someone who can handle money and spreadsheets. - Our Membership Chair is Retiring.

Missing Books (down to 8)

#10 - How to Design & make Wood Reliefs / Robert Skinner
#36 - Chip Carving Technique & Patterns / Wayne Barton
#44 - Knife Carving / Ivan Whillock
#64 - 1001 Design for Whittling / E T Tangerman
#79 - Scrap Wood Fun for Kids / Robert Endicott
#117 - North American Western Region / The Audubon Society
#150 - Creative Chip Carving / Frank Mannims
#176 - Carving Authentic Birds / H. D. Green

P. O. Box 15488 Loves Park, Illinois 61132-5488
Open Carving every Wednesday (8:30-11am) except Dec 26.
Ken Rock Community Center (Sacred Heart Academy, multi-purpose room)
3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109

Business Meeting; third Wednesday. of the month. Friends and spouses of carvers are especially welcome to come to meet and visit. Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”

CLUB OFFICERS      (area code 815)
President - Steve Terrill, 393-4581
Vice Pres. - Bob Coleman, 988-1757
Secretary - Rosalie Wesley…738-2201
Treasurer - John Skaggs, 547-6951

COMMITTEES      (area code 815)
Librarian - Bernie Budzynski, 332-2395
2012 Show Co-Chairmen - Bob Hallstrom, 963-1326, Don Stansfield, 235-0075
Webmaster - Gordon Moscinski, 874-7978
Club Website -
Membership Chair - Dona Wisner, 399-3169
Newsletter -Publisher - Gary Johnson 399-1697
Newsletter Writer - Steve Terrill, 393-4581
Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982

Business Meetings & Special Events -
ð November 21 - Business Meeting
ð December 5 - Christmas Party
ð December 19 - Business Meeting
NEW YEAR - 2013
ð January 16 - Business Meeting
ð February 20 - Business Meeting
ð March 20 - Business Meeting
ð April 17 - Business Meting
ð May 15 - Business Meeting
ð June 19- Business Meeting
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ð August 17 Club Show, Tebala Center
ð September 18 - Business Meeting
ð October 16 - Business Meeting

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