Blackhawk Carving Club
Rockford, Illinois 61109
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Blackhawk Woodcarver
Volume XIX, Issue 5, May 2012

The President’s Corner

Happy May to all of you Woodcarvers.

With a little luck, Mike Petty and I will be gettingsome riding in.

Thanks to Don Stansfield for teaching us the Scotty Dog. The ones I have seen so far look great!

Let’s all bring ours for the May Meeting.

Our members have been busy. Don Christensen showed some of his many gems at North Suburban Library.

Roger Benedict has a show coming up in Door County (see article in this issue).

So keep those wood chips flying!



We all know Gordy M (that stands for Moscinski). Gordy is the reason most of us are here. Personally, he talked me into showing up. Most have had one of his classes in beginning carv-ing. I kept trying but had conflicts with the time. He was instrumental in start-ing the club and was one of the first presidents. He has been the website editor and creator forever. We all a big debt to Gordy.



Remember those who gave their lives for us to be free!

Don Christenson, our very own Rock Nut has been collecting, cutting, shaping and polishing gems and agates for 50 years. His stuff is quite good. He recently showed a portion of his work at the Gem Show at the

North Suburban Library in Loves Park. Each card has 10 to 20 individual cut and polished stones. Some are quiet rare.

Minutes (in brief)


Minutes of the regular monthly business meeting of the Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on April 18, 2012 at 3818 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.


The meeting was called to order at 9:02 AM by President Steve Terrill.


Minutes for March 21, 2012 read and approved.


Treasurer’s report given by John Skaggs. We are solvent.


Dona Wisner’s Petty Cash Report was read and approved.


Membership Chairperson, Dona Wisner, gave an updated report on membership. At present there are 112 members, 20 are associate members. Report approved. New member, Henry Draves introduced to the club members.


Don Stansfield introduced visitors Geri Neilsen and her son, Ken. Both hail from Harvard, Illinois.


Web Master, Gordy Moscinski, en-courage members to visit the web site at No report given.


Bernie Budzynski, Librarian, indicated that two of the eight unaccounted for books had been returned. The new DVDs are in the cabinet and the DVD players need to be engraved with the club logo before they will be available for check out.

Old Business:


President Steve Terill indicated there is no information on the Beatie Park Totem Pole Project.


New Business:


Louie Cowan, one of our club members, gave a presentation on the MDA Muscle walk. The event is Saturday, May 19, 2012 at Rockford YMCA Log Lodge located at 200 Y Blvd. in Rockford, Illinois. Registration is at 9:30 am and the Walk starts at 10:30 am. There is a contact number to sign up and get started, call : Rockford MDA office at 815-229-1632.


After discussion, it was proposed that we could agree to support the MDA through free will donations sponsoring Louie. There was a general consensus that this was acceptable.


Correction made to Club Picnic. The correct date is Thursday, June 14 (Flag Day) at Sinnissippi Park, 1410 North Second Street, Rock-ford, Illinois from 4 to 10pm. Contact Tony DeVita for more details.


Discussion regarding the less than pristine buffing wheel. One member has offered to donate one of his wheels. Another said to just scrape it off. Issue needs some more study and discussion of resolution.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:42AM.



May Birthdays   (that we know about). -


Roger Benedict 5-2

Lloyd Duerst 5-8

Brian Steder 5-13

Wes Englune 5-14
Bob Matthews 5-21

Walter Gipe 5-21

John Hartwig 5-22
Steve Terrill 5-22

Larry Christensen 5-25

A big thanks to Wes Englund!. Wes has paper grinding wheels at home and took the initiative to true up our grinding and stropping wheels, remount them so the speeds are closer to what they should be. He put new grit on the grinding wheel and new buffing compound on the polishing wheel. Since the wheels turn backwards for safety, he placed a baffle in front of each wheel to keep people from catching their knives or gouges and seriously hurting themselves or their tools. Thanks for a job well done Wes!

Club Paraphernalia

Bob Hallstrom has Blackhawk Woodcarver Patches for $5. He can also order Shirts and Aprons.


Steve has Blackhawk Woodcarver Coffee mugs for $4 (members) or $5 for non-members. Decals are free!


Rich Anderson makes Nametags when he gets enough people signed

up. See Steve to get your name on a list.



Membership Directories-


For 2011/2012 are here. See Rosalie Wesley. They are a very reasonable $2. They even have pictures!

A mistake is not a mistake; It is a new adventure!

George Berry, Woodcarver

Show and Tell

Bob Coleman created a carved evil looking woodspirit out of Cypress Knee. He painted it with acrylics and finished it with polyurethane.


Richard Prutz had two items. The first was a plaque for a wedding with the quote “ the two shall become one” in cursive and carved in basswood with a polyurethane finish. The second was of an Eagle and an Indian carved in bass-wood and stained with a natural finish.


Larry Clark’s piece evolved from an old man into a baseball player for the Cubs. The concept changed as he carved. The Basswood egg was carved, painted with acrylics and then hand rubbed with many coats of Minwax.


Don Clark carved an Indian head with a head dress of beaver or perhaps otter. He used basswood and used Minwax polyurethane.


Don Stansfield used the Scotty Dog pattern from Woodcarving by John Hillyer, Lark Books. The approximately 2 1/2 inch dog was carved from basswood and finished with two coats of Danish oil and two coats of wipe on polyurethane. Don later conducted a class for the entire assemblage in the art of carving the Scotty Dog. He supplied a written pattern with step by step instructions and a basswood cut out of said dog.


Bunny Nordheim had three items. Two cottonwood bark carvings of houses; one large one small. She also had the flower with bud from Roger Benedict’s class and said there were two different options for the completion of this piece. All are works in progress and; therefore, no finish yet applied. Bunny said she learns something new with every piece she tackled.


Bernie Budzynski used wood purchased from Michael’s that he believes is basswood.


He carved a Minnesota common loon, used colored pencils for the shading and did not apply a finish. The loon was from a coloring book and was transferred using graphite paper.


Frank Lay presented his now completely finished rendition of a shallow relief in walnut inspired by the split in the wood.


Louie Cowan had four carved canes. He stated he strives to achieve symmetry in design and execution. The wood was purchase in Tennessee.


Will Rottman carved two leaves out of mahogany that he thought was basswood The stain was Mediterranean and golden pecan with a natural finish.

Gordy Moscinski recreated a peg board game. In place of pegs, Gordy used small carved ducks. He painted the board and the four different kinds of ducks and gave the piece a varnish finish.


Judy Englund chip carved 24 Swedish Christmas ornaments and then choose 8 to display on an open stand. The finish is maple colored polyurethane. She also carved a poinsettia in an oval setting. Both were prize winners in Texas.


Jerome Mais carved three bookmarks of basswood, a palm tree and two ducks, all intricately painted.

evil woodspirit  wedding plaque  indian eagle
Bob Coleman        Richard Prutz            Richard Prutz
cubbie egg  native american  scottie dog loon plaque
Larry Clark        Don Clark    Stansfield    Bernie Budzinski
bark house  bark house  flower plaque landscape
Bunnie Nordheim                            Frank Lay
carced canes carved leaves
duck game
Louie Cowan            Will Rottman        Gordy Moscinski
swedish christmas tree poinsettia plaque  fish plate
Judy Englund
        Judy Englund            Larry Stensel

Gathering at Macktown April 27, 28, 29

Roger Benedict encourages us to participate in the “Gathering” at Macktown Old Settlers. We need carvers to sign up. Participants are expected to wear period clothing (1850's).  Dates are April 27,28,and 29.  See Roger for more information.


Roger Benedict Art Show in Door County!

 Roger Benedict will have a one person art show at the gallery of

the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Ephriam, Door County, WI.

Dates will be from June 3rd to June 30th. Public reception is Saturday afternoon June 9th from 2-4 pm. He will be exhibiting 22 relief carvings and 5 stylized carvings.

Go Roger!

Classes at The WoodWoodcraft Shop

John Engler - Medium Relief  Woodcarving - May 25, 26, 27 2012

John Engler - Painting your Relief  Woodcarving - Sun. June 10, 2012

Classes at The Woodcraft Shop,  2724 State Street, Bettendorf, IA  52722.  800-397-2278





Shows within 3 to 4 hours one-way drive time of Rockford will be listed as they become known.


June 9-17: Maquoketa, IA. International Woodcarvers Congress, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Maquoketa IA, Enter Carvings June 9-10; Seminars June 11-15; Contact (563)-5052700 or (563)-676-8264;


August 18: Rockford, IL. Blackhawk Woodcarvers’ 18th Annual Show/Competition and 2” Cube Carving Challenge at Tebala Shrine Temple. Contact Don Stansfield, 1508 W Lincoln Blvd., Freeport, IL 61032; (815) 235-0075.


September 15; Janesville WI. Rock River Valley Carvers of Wisconsin hosts its 7th Annual show/sale at Rock County Fairgrounds, Craig Center, 1301 Craig Ave.; 10am-4 pm. Free Adm. Contact Jim Trumpy (608) 752-8139;


September 30; Utica IL. Valley Carvers’ 24th Annual Show and sale at Starved Rock State Park Main Lodge; 9-5. Free Adm. Contact Bob Wills, 190 W. Willow St., Coal City, IL 60416; (815)634-3086.


More listings are available in Chip Chats!

Letter from Lisa Hanus:


I wish I could eat, sleep and carve all day but instead I eat, sleep, and that bad four letter word WORK.  I would like to give a very big Thank You to Bob Matthews. Bob helped and guided me for 2 years that it took to complete my loon. I have learned a lot from Bob. My loon started out to be a challenge. I think that is the best way to practice in carving.


Like every carver does, I was so proud of completing my loon I showed it off. I had two fellow co/workers challenge me in my next carving. I will try to carve the passenger pigeon. Does anyone have a pattern of this bird? I sure do miss everyone. Someday I too will eat, sleep and carve.  Once again thank you Bob Matthews for taking time out to help me carve my loon.  Lisa Hanus



P. O. Box 15488 Loves Park, Illinois 61132-5488

Open Carving every Wednesday (8:30-11am) except Dec 26 and July 4.

Ken Rock Community Center (Sacred Heart Academy, multi-purpose room) 3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109


Business Meeting; third Wednesday. of the month. Friends and spouses of carvers are especially welcome to come to meet and visit. Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”




President - Steve Terrill, 393-4581

Vice Pres. - Bob Coleman, 988-1757

Secretary - Rosalie Wesley…738-2201

Treasurer - John Skaggs, 547-6951




Librarian Bernie Budzynski, 332-2395

2012 Show Co-Chairmen Bob Hallstrom, 963-1326. Don Stansfield, 235-0075

Webmaster - Gordon Moscinski, 874-7978

Club Website -

Membership Chair - Dona Wisner, 399-3169

Newsletter Publishers - Bernie Budzynski 332-2395, Gary Johnson 399-1697

Newsletter Writer - Steve Terrill, 393-4581

Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982



Business Meetings & Special Events -

. May 16 - Business Meeting
. June 14 - club picnic at Sinnissippi Park
. June 20- Business Meeting

. July 18 - Business Meeting

. August 15 - Business Meeting

. August 18 Club Show, Tebala Center

. September 19 - Business Meeting

. October 17 - Business Meeting

. November 21 - Business Meeting

. December 19 - Christmas Party


NEW YEAR - 2013

. January 16 - Business Meeting

. February 20 - Business Meeting

. March 20 - Business Meeting

. April 17 - Business Meting

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