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The Blackhawk Woodcarver

Volume XXVI, Issue 9     September 2021

Blackhawk Carving Club

We will meet at Sinnissippi Park Wednesday morning September 8 at 10:00am until 12:00pm across from the golf course sites 1 and 2 weather permitting. After that we will be meeting every Wednesday at 9:00 am until 12:00 noon at Ken Rock’s new facility at 625 Adams Street, Rockford, IL.  Directions on page two.


New Home for Blackhawk Woodcarvers

Blackhawk Woodcarvers has found a new place to Carve starting September 15th 2021.  The executive committee (Tyrone, Dick, Steve, and Larry) and Don Stansfield and Bob Hallstrom visited the location at Ken Rock’s new facility at 625 Adams Street, Rockford, IL.  It is large, has tables (round) and chairs (padded) already set up.  They will provide space for our sharpening cabinet and Shop Vac.  It is newly painted with a concrete floor.  There is parking in front of the building, handicapped parking along the left side of the building and parking behind the building accessed from Adams Street or Rural Street.  The location is next to and East of Heritage Park on Rural Street.  Travel Rural from North Second St. (going East) or from the 5 point intersection at Rural and Prospect St. by the closed Hilander (going West).  It is heated and air-conditioned.  We will meet there on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon.  We were all happy with the location and the facility and negotiated a reasonable price.  With questions, contact any of the above persons.  

Steve Terrill, Secretary


Presidents Report  September 2021

I am very happy that we have chosen a new indoor location for resumption of our weekly meeting and carving sessions. Your Executive Committee reached agreement with Ken-Rock to utilize their new facility each Wednesday morning. We expect to have our first session there on the 15th of September 2021. Please refer to the separate announcement in this newsletter. We will have a Carving in the Park session on the preceding Wednesday, 8 September, which my be our last.

I am also very happy that we have been able to establish a Nominating Committee to establish the candidates for our 2022 Officers. Please refer to the separate announcement also in this newsletter. Currently we plan to hold the election remotely via email or telephone in late November as we did last year. Even though we expect to be holding our monthly meetings indoor at this time, there is still a serious virus threat and we are concerned about those active members who still feel uncomfortable and we want their votes to be counted. Last year I believe we had over half the total membership vote.

This is your (our) club! Our club members share our common interest and share their individual knowledge and skill. I know this past year and a half has been tough for all to gather and share. We have attempted to address this through our Carving in the Park sessions. It has worked well for those who have participated. Remember your participation is what makes our club work.

I am pleased that we had a new member sign up … well really, a prior member from more than ten years ago. Bob Capion has joined us these past two Carving in the Park sessions. He has continued his carving and I took pictures of a couple of his carvings which I will post on Facebook and should be in the October newsletter. Bob has already paid his 2022 dues. So has Arne Larsen! Never too early to keep your membership up to date.

We hope you are all doing well and staying connected in some way. We hope that COVID-19 will be brought under control and we can openly meet with all of you again.

Tyrone Johnsen


Nominating Committee & Election Judge Named

The club’s Nomination Committee for the establishing the slate of elected officers for 2022 has been established. I am pleased that Bob Hallstrom and Roger Benedict have agreed to serve in this capacity. First, I believe they both have the club’s interests as their highest priority. Second, they have both served as club presidents and also in other elected and appointed capacities. They will work toward a goal to establish the slate of 2022 officers by end of October. This will support and allow our annual election during  late November 2021. I propose our election process follow the same process we used last November; that is, it will be held remotely with your ballets submitted by email or telephone to our Election Judge Chuck Drewes. Last year we were able to have a larger percentage of the club record their vote. I request that each member support these three in these required tasks.

Tyrone Johnsen


Blackhawk Carving Club Minutes August 2021

Minutes of the special informal business meeting of Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on August 18, 2021 at Sinnissippi Park, Rockford, Illinois.

President Tyrone Johnsen opened the meeting at 10:49 AM.  This is intended to be an information only meeting, not a formal business meeting.  We are here at Sinnissippi Park during a regular carving session during this Covid Pandemic/post pandemic time. 

Secretary, Steve Terrill did not read the Minutes of the previous meeting which was held July21, 2012.  Those minutes are available in September newsletter.

Treasurer, Larry Stenzel reported that we are still solvent.  We have minimal expenses during this time.  We have paid the website and post office box.  We have had one deposit.  We have spent no money

Our membership sits at 41 has indicated to Tyrone that there has been no membership activity in the last year. 

Don Stansfield indicated that CLR is now having in person and Zoom classes.  The fall catalogue is now out,  He will have catalogues available for next week.  CLR is now collecting information for the Spring catalogue.  It is the main source of new members for our club.

Bob Matthews reported that he has a request from Cherry Valley Library for him to display carvings

on Peterson Meadows status.  He would be interested if anyone else wants to display. 

Tyrone gave information about display of carvings.  Don notes that they are seriously short of carving pictures.  Tyrone sent in a picture and text to them via e-mail from his phone.  They gave a very quick response saying they will post his picture in the first fall issue.  He encourages a non-busy background with a contrasting background. 

Tyrone has plans for meeting with the executive committee to establish guidelines for dues as we explore options for meeting as the weather turns cold.

Tyrone’s more immediate concern is for election of officers coming up soon.  He is considering having the election through Chuck Drewes like las year. 

Tyrone’s big concern is for where we will meet when the weather gets cooler.  Bob Matthews has heard from Peterson meadows officially that they are not accepting outside groups at this time and feels the prospect does not look good as we approach winter.  In stopping at Cherry Valley Library he noticed their nice facility and explored the possibility of our carving there when the weather gets cold.  He will follow up with them.  Tyrone’s eventual goal is to move back to Peterson Meadows.  We seem to have no immediate concern for the sharpening equipment.  We are also exploring Ken Rock which is a nice facility on Rural and North Second in the former blind center.  It is a nice facility.  John Guth may be interested in negotiating a reasonable cost.  Tyrone is anticipating a facility for October or November through possibly March.  Bob M. suggests that Cherry Valley would be a good meeting place and a place to make Woodcarving visible to the community. 

Other options suggested included churches.  Don Stansfield inserted that Churches want Big money.

Bob M suggests we just think about possibilities and ask them.  Tyrone suggested the East State branch of the Rockford Library.  North Suburban on North Second.  Bishops café; etc. 

Roger Benedict had hip replacement yesterday.  Bob Hallstrom is now walking minimally and doing some short term driving.  Tony is going in this week for shoulder surgery and expects some down time from carving.  We had a quiet moment for Nordine Bolstad who died recently.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:22. 

Respectfully Submitted: Steve Terrill, Club Secretary


Blackhawk Carving Club Minutes July 2021

Nordine C Bolstad “Whitey”

Nordine C Bolstad “Whitey” of Machesney Park IL passed away on August 4th 2021 at St Elizabeth’s Manor in Footville WI. He was born to Elmer and Eva Bolstad on October 6th 1936 in Crawford County Wisconsin. Nordine enjoyed his Family, Camping, Fishing, Square Dancing, Gardening, League Darts, and Woodcarving. He could save and repair almost any bike, mower and lawn chair cast off by the side of the road. “He was handier than hell.” He was a member of the Loyal Order of Moose, The VFW and Blackhawk Woodcarvers. He worked for 29 years at National Lock and 14 years at Pierson Fasteners in Rockford IL. Most of that time he operated Cold Header machines making literally millions of bolts and screws. In his retirement he drove the delivery truck for Rock Valley Auto Part distributors. He married Elaine Mills in Viroqua Wisconsin. They started a family in Rockford IL and were blessed with 3 children Julie, Jody, and Jenny. Nordine was later remarried to Nancy Mazika and they spent every summer between Machesney Park and Rock River Leisure Estates campground in Edgerton, Wisconsin. Nancy passed away in 1998. In March 2003 Nordine met Marilyn Bickle at the Janesville Moose Lodge Polka Fest. They kept dancing and camping for 18 more years. He is survived by his children: Julie (Robert) Seiler Janesville WI, Jody (Ivy) Bolstad South Beloit IL, and Jenny (Jack) Riegel Ridgely West Virginia. Grand Children: Ember (Rob) Feltner, Emily (Andrew) Schimek, Nadine Riegel, Marshall Riegel, Hannah Bolstad, and Luke Bolstad. Great GrandDaughter Fallon Feltner. His Brother Jerry (Pat) Bolstad, Sister in law Janice. The 6th of nine siblings. He was preceded in death by his parents. His brother Arnold (Alberta) Bolstad, Sister Clarice (Winston) Johnson, Brothers Harley (Doris) Baldwin, Norman (Helen) Bolstad, Elling (Neva) Bolstad, Roger (Janice) Bolstad, Elmer (Diane) Bolstad. A visitation will be held on Thursday August 12 from 5-7pm. Burial Service on Friday August 13th at 10am. Masks are preferred but not required. Sunset Memorial gardens 8800 N Alpine Rd, Machesney Park, IL 61115


Door Prizes

Don't forget the Door Prize drawing on First Wednesdays. Bring something you don't need or want  anymore, but know someone would be thrilled to win at the drawing.


Denny made gouges for sale

Bunny is selling super sharp Denny made gouges with a slight curve and a curved handle that is very comfortable and easy to use. 


Note from Roger Benedict

"I wish to thank everyone for thinking of me during my recovery from hip surgery two weeks ago.  Believe me it is truly reassuring to be reminded of he folks I cherish in Rockford while I convalesce in Door County.  Thanks for the cards, phone calls, texts, and emails----love it all'

  Roger Benedict

Newsletter deadline

Keep sending your pictures and stories by the October 6, 2021 deadline. What a great response this month.  Thanks so much!


Carving woods for sale

Del Lohr of Cedar Ridge Hardwoods called me to ask if we would let the club members know that he has a large inventory of carving woods, including basswood, butternut (both clear and wormy), catalpa, pine, cherry, etc.  He can provide all widths, thicknesses and lengths.  Del used to sell his wood at our annual shows.  His phone number is 815-938-2263.  

  Don  Stansfield


Carvers wanted

Sometimes I get calls from people wanting to have a carving done (for money).  If you are interested in any of these contacts, let me know and what kind of carvings you are interested in doing for people.  Don Stansfield,

Want to buy or sell

If you have anything that you would like to buy or sell send me an email and I will put it in the newsletter.   Gordy


Like us on Facebook “Blackhawk Woodcarvers”.  Many pictures and information.

Club Officers    (815 aera code)

Present            Tyrone Johnsen  397-9274
Vice Present
    Richard Dumphy   633-9003
Treasurer         Larry Stenzel   389-4714
Secretary         Steve Terrill   708-0471

Committees       (815 aera code)

Programs, Richard Dunphey, 633-9003
Webmaster & Newsletter Editor Gordy Moscinski  874-7978
Membership  Chuck  Drewes   985-8575
Photographer  Steve Terrill
Picnic   Tony Devita

October Birthdays (that we Know of)

6  Herb Page
 9 Tony Devita
 9 Carrie Lay
14 Carol Behning
17 Mary Wilder
29 Jack Basford

Wisconsin River Woodcarvers

20th Annual Woodcarving Show, Competition and Sale

The Largest Woodcarving Show in Wisconsin

Featured Carvers:  Vic Hood and Gregg Thompson

Also Featured:

We are also featuring supplies from Hummel Carving Company, Beloit, WI, and Moore Wood and Roughouts.
Free demonstrations throughout both days
New for 2021 Carving Contest on Sunday morning from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM.
We have an awesome RAFFLE!


September 18, 2021 – 9am to 5pm
September 19, 2021 – 9am to 4pm
Event Schedule-TBD


The Holiday Inn
1001 Amber Avenue
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482

Admission Prices:

Admission is $5.00.
(Attendees 12 and under are free)


For more information, contact:
Ron O’Kray  715-341-2214  or 715-570-2534(cell)
Greg Wirtz   715-423-0471  or 715-323-2035(cell)


International Woodcarvers Congress

Congress was canceled this June 2021. We plan on making 2022 a very successful show. We will be extending the number of years from 3 to 5 for carving entries for competition.



Show and Tell



Bob Matthews bought a cane from a neighbor of diamond Willow.  He carved a Mallard Head out of Butternut.  It is doweled and pinned to the Cane.  He also showed a Witch he carved.

concentric design

 Bob  Matthews also carved this unique concentric design.  Each feature is hand carved then assembled.  He finished the square, Circle, clock, compass. 

 music man

Richard Prutz is working on a two sided woodburning of a music man with a guitar.  The second picture shows the other side of the panel Richard was working on.


Don Stansfield showed a chip carved pin that he carved last night and is pending finishing. 


Jerry Robey had a nice Cane he carved out of two strips of laminated poplar. 


 Jerry Robey displayed his finished pair of Pilgrims inspired by an article in the fall 2021 Woodcarving Illustrated.


Jerry Robey is in the Halloween spirit!



John Skaggs shared his relief of Winnebago Indians.



Bob Capion shared two carvings that he had completed.  Welcome back Bob!

 pizza man

Tony DeVita Pizza Man carvings.


Denny Neubauer displayed four figres he carved but has yet to apply any finish.



Bunny Nordheim completed this beautiful



The Royal Blue tang will be painted like Dory in the movie Finding Nemo.  The yellow tang will be pretty much just yellow but I’ll vary the shade.  Hopefully, I’ll have the finished product for the October newsletter.

Larry Stenzel


Gordy Moscinski woodburned a picture of his lake up north.
















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