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The Blackhawk Woodcarver

Volume XXVI, Issue 8     August 2021

Blackhawk Carving Club

We will meet at Sinnissippi Park Wednesday mornings at 10:00am until 12:00pm across from the golf course sites 1 and 2 weather permitting.

Presidents Report  August 2021

It is already August and the summer seems to be going past much too fast. This morning we again enjoyed our weekly Carving in the Park. The weather was just about perfect! We run about 8 to 16 members each Wednesday morning. No reports of any virus spread. All who attend seem to be very happy with this arrangement.

You will notice that we have reinstated our monthly business meeting during our carving session on the third Wednesday of each month. I try to start the meeting at 10:30 am but we are usually about 10 minutes late. So far the meetings have been mainly a status review; but we do have issues we need to consider and address. A couple of items include an indoor meeting location for the winter months; and candidates for next years elected officers.

The slower vaccination rates, the appearance of variants, and the upward trend in cases will likely be an obstacle to our return this Fall to Peterson Meadows. We need to intensify our discussion and action of this issue.

I have not reinstated our formal Show and Tell each month following our business meeting. I still encourage members to bring their finished carvings to any of our sessions where we try to take the time to allow the carver to display and illuminate us on his/her carving. I do try to take pictures and post them on our Facebook page (Blackhawk Woodcarvers) and send the pictures to our newsletter editor for inclusion each month. All members are encouraged to send pictures and stories direct to the editor for inclusion in the newsletter.

Tyrone Johnsen


Newsletter deadline

Keep sending your pictures and stories by the September 1, 2021 deadline. What a great response this month.  Thanks so much!

How you got started as a woodcarver

Here is an opportunity to present your background of becoming a woodcarver.  The following questions are your guide to start the juices flowing for your responses Jot some ideas down and send them to me.  I’m willing to help put them in a form for the newsletter.

What was your life style or situation that encouraged you to wood carve?

Who influenced you in your carving career and why?

Assuming you developed a niche, why did you choose it?

Over the years what have you gained from this experience? 

Roger Benedict -


Carving woods for sale

Del Lohr of Cedar Ridge Hardwoods called me to ask if we would let the club members know that he has a large inventory of carving woods, including basswood, butternut (both clear and wormy), catalpa, pine, cherry, etc.  He can provide all widths, thicknesses and lengths.  Del used to sell his wood at our annual shows.  His phone number is 815-938-2263.  

  Don  Stansfield

September Birthdays (that we Know of)

   5 Frank Lay
 17 William Trosper
 19 Tyrone Johnsen
 23 Jeff Hartman

Carvers wanted

Sometimes I get calls from people wanting to have a carving done (for money).  If you are interested in any of these contacts, let me know and what kind of carvings you are interested in doing for people.  Don Stansfield,

Want to buy or sell

If you have anything that you would like to buy or sell send me an email and I will put it in the newsletter.   Gordy


Like us on Facebook “Blackhawk Woodcarvers”.  Many pictures and information.

Club Officers    (815 aera code)

Present            Tyrone Johnsen  397-9274
Vice Present
    Richard Dumphy   633-9003
Treasurer         Larry Stenzel   389-4714
Secretary         Steve Terrill   708-0471


Committees       (815 aera code)

Programs, Richard Dunphey, 633-9003
Webmaster & Newsletter Editor Gordy Moscinski  874-7978
Membership  Chuck  Drewes   985-8575
Photographer  Steve Terrill
Picnic   Tony Devita

WoodCarving Academy

Our academy offers many hours of learning from the best woodcarvers out there. Our teachers have a combined hundreds of years of knowledge they would love to share with you. By joining, you will be able to watch as many wood carving lessons as you’d like.  New content will be added as teacher make more videos.

In order for you to be able to view the great woodcarving videos, you’ll need to sign up to one of our paid subscriptions.  We offer monthly, quarterly or annual plans. The longer the period the less the monthly cost.

November 13, 2020 Update – Our website is live! Choose from the subscription below to sign up.

Free level allowing to tour our website and watch the sample videos and sample content and receive email updates as new content becomes available.

Monthly Memberships with unlimited access to all the lessons offered. Subscription will renew every month.  $19.95

Quarterly Memberships with unlimited access to all the lessons offered. Subscription will renew every 3 months.  $49.95 Save $9.99

Annual Memberships with unlimited access to all the lessons offered. Subscription will renew every year.  $139.95 Save $100.00

Thank you & Keep Carving!

Wisconsin River Woodcarvers

20th Annual Woodcarving Show, Competition and Sale

The Largest Woodcarving Show in Wisconsin

Featured Carvers:  Vic Hood and Gregg Thompson

Also Featured:

We are also featuring supplies from Hummel Carving Company, Beloit, WI, and Moore Wood and Roughouts.
Free demonstrations throughout both days
New for 2021 Carving Contest on Sunday morning from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM.
We have an awesome RAFFLE!


September 18, 2021 – 9am to 5pm
September 19, 2021 – 9am to 4pm
Event Schedule-TBD


The Holiday Inn
1001 Amber Avenue
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482

Admission Prices:

Admission is $5.00.
(Attendees 12 and under are free)


For more information, contact:
Ron O’Kray  715-341-2214  or 715-570-2534(cell)
Greg Wirtz   715-423-0471  or 715-323-2035(cell)

International Woodcarvers Congress

Congress was canceled this June 2021. We plan on making 2022 a very successful show. We will be extending the number of years from 3 to 5 for carving entries for competition.


Show and Tell


Witch by Jerry Robey


Pliers by Jerry Robey


Measuring spoons by Jerry Robey


Tony DeVita


Frog by Denny Neubauer; and pliers by Tyrone Johnsen


Face by Richard Prutz


John Skaggs

 yellow legs

Yellow legs stylized shore bird carved from cedar.

 Gordy Moscinski


Cardinal carved from basswood.

 Gordy Moscinski


Larry Stenzel

When Ole and Lena got divorced, the judge said, “I’ve decided that I’ll give Lena $300 a month.” Ole said, “That’s very kind of you.  And if I get to keep my job, I’ll try to chip in a little bit too.”

Lena said, “Eat up that broccoli, Ole, it will put color in your cheeks.” Ole replied, “Do you really think I want green cheeks?”




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