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Rockford, Illinois 61109
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The Blackhawk Woodcarver

Volume XXIV, Issue 9       September 2019

Blackhawk Carving Club

P. O. Box 8285 Rockford, IL 61126
Open Carving every Wednesday (
8:30 to 11:00pm).  Ken Rock Community Center, 3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109
Business Meeting; third Wednesday of the month. Friends and spouses of carvers are  welcome to come to meet and visit. Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”

Presidents Report  September

Blackhawk Woodcarvers meeting location is set to change on 16 October 2019. The new location was approved by a clear majority at the 14 August meeting. A motion was made and then approved by a clear majority of the members in attendance to move to Peterson Meadows. I believe this is first change in meeting location since the founding of the club.

Please refer to the meeting minutes included in this newsletter for more details of the meeting, the motion, discussion, and the subsequent vote. A number of additional motions related to the move were also made and approved. This is all a result of the meeting relocation investigation which has been going on this year. We need to thank our volunteer committee of Don Stansfield, Bob Hallstrom, and Denny Neubauer; along with Bob Matthews who identified Peterson Meadows and did all the coordination with them.

Work has begun to prepare for the move in mid October. Perhaps the most significant is the modification to our large oak storage cabinet which houses our power sharpening equipment. Denny Neubauer along with Tony Devita has removed the cabinet extension and recessed the power sharpening equipment into the cabinet to permit the elimination of the extension. This returns the cabinet to its original dimensions and should allow it to pass through a 33 inch clear door opening.

The library books and other club materials were removed to permit the work. Much of this material and other club owned material are being put up for sale. This is necessary to consolidate and limit all our stored material to fit within the oak storage cabinet. That means there is a number of books and other equipment and even two metal storage lockers are available to new homes.

Please remember the move is not scheduled to occur until Wednesday 16 October 2019. Until then we will continue our weekly carving sessions and meetings at the current location.


Tyrone Johnsen

Club Activity Schedule

September 4 open carving
September 11 open carving
September 18 open carving and meeting
September 25 open carving

October 2 open carving
October 9 open carving
October 16 open carving and meeting
October 23 open carving
October 30 open carving

November 6 open carving
November 13 open carving
November 20 open carving and meeting
November 27 open carving

December 4 open carving
December 11 open carving
December 18 open carving and meeting
December 25 Christmas

January 8 open carving
January 15 open carving
January 22 open carving and meeting
January 29 open carving

Rock River Valley Carving Club

The 14th Annual RRVC Carvers of Wisconsin Show & Sale. Saturday, September 14, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Craig Center, The Rock County Fairgrounds, 1302 Craig Avenue

Janesville, Wisconsin 53545.  For more information,  Please contact: Reggie James - (608) 365-4281 or Brad Crandall - (608) 931-0188.    The chain saw carver is Zoli Akacsos, of Zoli's Woodcarving


Wisconsin River Woodcarvers

19th Annual Woodcarving Show, Competition and Sale. September 21, 2019 – 9am to 5pm
September 22, 2019 – 9am to 4pm. The Holiday Inn, 1001 Amber Avenue, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482. Admission is $5.00. (Attendees 12 and under are free). For more information, contact: Ron O’Kray 715-341-2214  715-570-2534(cell),  Greg Wirtz 715-423-0471  715-323-2035(cell)

Artistry in Wood

Artistry in Wood will be holding their last show on Saturday and Sunday October12 & 13, 2019 at the Roberts Centre; 123 Gano Road, Wilmington, OH

Capital Carvers of Wisconsin

Capital Carvers of Wisconsin will be holding their 31st annual show & sale at the Abundant Life Christian School; 4901 East Buckeye Road; Madison , WI on Sunday October 20, 2019.

Deadline for the news for the next newsletter is October 2, 2019


October Birthdays (that we Know of)

  6 Nordine Bolstad     6 Herb Page
 9 Carrie Lay             9 Tony Devita
 9 Edward Dreger     10 Judi Suit
11 William Shogren   14 Carol Behning
17 Mary Wilder         29 Jack Basford


Like us on Facebook “Blackhawk Woodcarvers”.  Many pictures and information.


Door Prizes

Don't forget the Door Prize drawing on First Wednesdays. Bring something you don't need or want anymore, but know someone would be thrilled to win at the drawing.

Want to buy or sell

If you have anything that you would like to buy or sell send me an email and I will put it in the newsletter.   Gordy


Passed Treasured Carvings

At our monthly meetings members are encouraged to bring in SHOW and TELL items along with carvings that are tucked away from the past.  Even though you might be tired of looking at them, they may be teaching tools for others. Dust them off, bring them in!

Blackhawk Carving Club Minutes August 2019

Minutes of the regular monthly business meeting of Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on August 21, 2019 at 3218 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.
President Tyrone Johnsen opened the meeting at 9:12 am.  He opened with the information that Larry Stenzel’s wife fell and broke both ankles.  He will be gone for several weeks as his wife will need lots of help in getting around at home.  Tony DaVita sent her a Brother Anthony carving and she was very touched. 
  Also, we need to be thinking about new officers.  Tod Wisner talked with Louis Jurisch a couple of weeks ago and Louie is having a rough time with his breathing and doubts that he will be coming back to the club.   
  Secretary, Steve Terrill read the Minutes of the previous meeting June 19th.  The minutes were approved as read;   with the exception of whether the statement about Peterson meadows being accepting of our wooden cabinet.  It was suggested that this is an issue yet to be dealt with.
  Facilities:  Our facilities have served us well over the years since 1992 or three until the present.  Our facilities search committee consists of  Don Stansfield, Denny Neubauer, Bob Hallstrom. Bob Matthews has been working hard to secure the Peterson Meadows community room.  Bob M scheduled a walk-through of the Facility August 7 and a number of members were present.  Tyrone informs the membership that Ken Rock is pursuing the purchase of another building and would like to have us use that facility as well. They would have a room for us that is around 1800 square feet.  The place is a former office space in an industrial building off of American Road.   This is not currently set. 
  Bob Matthews reported on the Peterson Meadows visit.  This is a room in the main building that will become available as they move current activities to their newly built community building. They are looking at the first part of October to take us on.  Melissa Wright, the director had concerns about the size of our group and is looking for compensation for the setup expenses they would incur for a weekly meeting.  Currently, there is a basket weaving club that meets there monthly and gives them $100/6 months. She also wanted us to know that if they need the space in an emergency for a meeting such as a funeral, they could cancel our meeting for that day.  The cabinet is not an issue for the wood cabinet.  In discussing after the walk through, the club members seemed favorable about the space compared to where we are now.  It is brighter, airier, there is parking.  Don Stansfield made a motion that the club move to Peterson Meadows and that we give them an annual honorarium of $600.   Carol suggested that the motion stipulate the honorarium be paid every 6 months.  Don agreed to amend his motion to indicate $300 every 6 months. 
  There was discussion of the carpet being an issue.  Don suggested that we are all responsible for our own wood chips.  Denny is concerned that when we get up to use the facilities, that we will drag chips out of the room.  Garry Lundquist does not believe we should offer them $600 bucks, rather than ask them to tell us what they want from us.  Gary Curl reminds us that this money is a donation, not a rent.  Tyrone asked the membership present how many members would attend meetings at Peterson Meadows.  Tod suggested we make the motion two parts with the money separated from the move.  Gary Curl called the question.  There were 17 Ayes and 3 Nays with one abstention.  The motion was carried. 
  Don Stansfield made a second motion that we keep the Wooden Cabinet, the sharpening equipment and the library and divest the rest of our holdings including the coffee pot and T.V. and keep the sound system and presentation equipment.  Denny seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 19 for and one abstention.
  Don Stansfield moved that we purchase a Shop Vac not to exceed $150 with accessories that is not too noisy but with adequate pick up ability for our wood chips. Steve seconded the motion. There was a request to table the motion.  Gary Curl called the question.  The motion passed with 14 for, 4 against and one abstention.  Bob moved that we offer out T.V. to them in case something happens to the T.V. in the room.  The motion passed with 14 for and no against. 
  Tyrone suggested we modify the wood cabinet by removing the extension and retrofitting it for the sharpening equipment.  Don Stansfield suggested that this is a very doable suggestion.  We have other books not in the library cabinet.  Don Stansfield suggested that we can donate books available to Peterson Meadows.  He also suggested that we make the carving books in the library available to club members at a dollar apiece and that we take any leftover books to the Janesville carving show on September 14 to sell. 
  The meeting was adjourned for show and tell at 10:08 am
  Respectfully Submitted: Steve Terrill, Club Secretary

Club Officers     (815 area code)

  President,  Tyrone Johnsen, 397-9274
Vice Pres,  Louis Jurisch, 568-7096
Treasurer,  Larry Stenzel, 389-4714
Secretary,  Steve Terrill, 708-0471

 Committees   (815 area code)

Programs, Tyrone Johnsen, 397-9274
Webmaster & Newsletter Editor Gordy Moscinski 874-7978
Membership, Chuck Drewes 985-8575
Photographer, Larry Clark
Picnic, Tony Devita and
Gary Lundquist

Show and Tell comments and pictures by Steve Terril



Don Stansfield has been experimenting.  He has a piece of basswood he has chip carved and colored with gel stain.  He also has line drawing of wild flowers.  He learned a lot of things not to do and some things to do. 


Richard Prutz carved an eagle and used chip carving to accentuate the feathers


Jerry Robey has been carving his way through the Summer issue of Woodcarving Illustrated and carved 2 Civil War busts of a union soldier and a confederate soldier making their features identical so that they represent brothers who would be fighting against each other as happened during that war. 


Tyrone has finished his meditating mini octopus carving. 


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