Blackhawk Carving Club
Rockford, Illinois 61109
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The Blackhawk Woodcarver

Volume XXIV, Issue 8       August 2019

Blackhawk Carving Club

P. O. Box 8285 Rockford, IL 61126
Open Carving every Wednesday (
8:30 to 11:00pm).  Ken Rock Community Center, 3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109
Business Meeting; third Wednesday of the month. Friends and spouses of carvers are  welcome to come to meet and visit. Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”


Presidents Report  August

I do not believe the heat of the summer can be blamed for the end of the month sneaking up and getting past me. Missing my deadline for input to our editor is the result. Fortunately, our editor and his boss are very understanding fellow volunteers helping to make our club function and give it these extras.

I joined the club to set aside time each week to devote to woodcarving. But, I got much more! I have learned and gained so much through the help of the other members. I have previously mentioned and expounded upon that. Another benefit is the friendship and social aspect. These benefits vary from person to person. Some value the friendships and social interaction perhaps above the other aspects. Perhaps more so as we age.

So what caused me to think and write about this? Well, last Wednesday morning at our normal carving session, I happen to be talking with fellow member Frank Lay and we got onto the subject of meditation and its benefits. I normally associate meditation with a motionless pose and focus meant to shut out the “everyday world” and its associated problems and concerns filling our minds; the end result is to increase “peace of mind”. I believe carving yields similar benefits; although, not totally the same. I view the two as having a sort of link. Maybe I am the only one who views this. Of course, I do experience frustration often during carving; but not during meditaion!

We all look at situations from differing points of view. We all have different interests. Many often agree on many items and have many similar interests. I find differing points of view interesting. I enjoy seeing what others are working on, creating. I enjoy seeing or hearing about their way on approaching and accomplishing their desired end.

Tyrone Johnsen


Club Activity Schedule

August 7 open carving
August 14 open carving
August 21 open carving and meeting
August 28 open carving

September 4 open carving
September 11 open carving
September 18 open carving and meeting
September 25 open carving

October 2 open carving
October 9 open carving
October 16 open carving and meeting
October 23 open carving
October 30 open carving

November 6 open carving
November 13 open carving
November 20 open carving and meeting
November 27 open carving

December 4 open carving
December 11 open carving
December 18 open carving and meeting
December 25 Christmas


Big Sale

Former member Tony Thorsen died several years ago and his wife Marylin is clearing out his carving tools, books, DVDs, patterns and collection of carvings from around the world.  She will be at our club meeting August 21 with many items for sale.  This is a great opportunity for you.        

 Don Stansfield


Wildwood Acquisitions Corp

The open carving every Wednesday Starting August 8th from 4 to 8 pm in our classroom.  There will be handcarving and woodburning.  At this time there are no power tools allowed.  The store will be opened during the class if you need to make any purchases.  You can call us with any questions at1-800-762-0235.  12446 W State Rd. 81, Beloit, WI.  608-302-4675


Lake County Carvers

Lake County Carvers will be holding their Woodcarving Show on Saturday August 2, 2019 at the “Life Enrichment Center” 1306 West Wisconsin Ave. Oconomowoc, WI from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


The Musky Area Woodcarvers Workshop

The Musky Area Woodcarvers Workshop will be held from August 13 to 16, 2019 at the Community Center in Boulder Junction, WI.


Rock River Valley Carving Club

The 14th Annual RRVC Carvers of Wisconsin Show & Sale. Saturday, September 14, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Craig Center, The Rock County Fairgrounds, 1302 Craig Avenue

Janesville, Wisconsin 53545.  For more information,  Please contact: Reggie James - (608) 365-4281 or Brad Crandall - (608) 931-0188.    The chain saw carver is Zoli Akacsos, of Zoli's Woodcarving


Wisconsin River Woodcarvers

19th Annual Woodcarving Show, Competition and Sale. September 21, 2019 – 9am to 5pm
September 22, 2019 – 9am to 4pm. The Holiday Inn, 1001 Amber Avenue, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482. Admission is $5.00. (Attendees 12 and under are free). For more information, contact: Ron O’Kray 715-341-2214  715-570-2534(cell),  Greg Wirtz 715-423-0471  715-323-2035(cell)


Artistry in Wood

Artistry in Wood will be holding their last show on Saturday and Sunday October12 & 13, 2019 at the Roberts Centre; 123 Gano Road, Wilmington, OH.


Capital Carvers of Wisconsin

Capital Carvers of Wisconsin will be holding their 31st annual show & sale at the Abundant Life Christian School; 4901 East Buckeye Road; Madison , WI on Sunday October 20, 2019.

 Peterson Meadows

I'm sure that most of you have heard that the club has been looking for a new facility to hold our weekly carving meetings.  I want to bring you up to date and let you know that at the August Business meeting (August 21st) we will be discussing a new location and voting to move from Ken-Rock location to Peterson Meadows in Rockford.  Their location is at 6401 Newburg Road which is between Muliford and Trainer on the South side of the street.

On August 7th, club officers, the moving committee and several other carvers from Ken-Rock and our Splinter group at the Keene Center, met with the Director of Peterson Meadows campus, Melissa Wright.  The facility was clean bright, the room where we will be meeting would easily hold 20 to 30 carvers, lighting was much improved and with a few of things left to workout our group was impressed and was in favor of the move.

At our next business meeting, we will be discussing what we found out, discuss any issues, projected move in date and voting to move.  Remember the date August 21, 2019 please attend so that you have a voice in our decision.


A note from Door County

Hello from Door County bringing good tidings to you for this summer.  If you wonder why I spend so much time here, the answer lies within the beauty of nature and the easy life style.   There are neither stop lights nor fast foodie or chain food shops----just common folks trying to make a living ala “Golden Pond” atmosphere.  You may or not be surprised that I don’t use a playground of guy things as fishing or golfing for entertainment.  But striving for five months of peace of mind when volunteering twice a week at an art gallery as being an ambassador of Door County, as well as taking in the natural beauty of the 300 miles of shore line surrounding 70 miles long of a narrow peninsula. The beauty is accented by the Niagara Escarpment extending from Niagara Falls of dolomite limestone that shows up among land and huge cliffs extending into the shorelines.  Often my time is spent appreciating the fragile beauty of trees and the peacefulness of light and shadows dancing across the fields.  I respond with “quiet time” and long moments of insightful thoughts while sitting on our back deck among our grassy/weeded area and wooded land.  Then I realize how lucky I am having been energized for five months, then returning to Rockford for another good life with my carving friends and family to round out seven months of renewal.               

Roger Benedict


Deadline for the news for the next newsletter is September 4, 2019

September Birthdays (that we Know of)

  2  Gordy Back
 5  Frank Lay
 7  Nancy Peters
17  William Trosper
19 Tyrone Johnsen
23  Jeff Hartman


Like us on Facebook “Blackhawk Woodcarvers”.  Many pictures and information.


Door Prizes

Don't forget the Door Prize drawing on First Wednesdays. Bring something you don't need or want anymore, but know someone would be thrilled to win at the drawing.

Want to buy or sell

If you have anything that you would like to buy or sell send me an email and I will put it in the newsletter.   Gordy


Passed Treasured Carvings

At our monthly meetings members are encouraged to bring in SHOW and TELL items along with carvings that are tucked away from the past.  Even though you might be tired of looking at them, they may be teaching tools for others. Dust them off, bring them in!

Blackhawk Carving Club Minutes July 2019

Minutes of the regular monthly business meeting of Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on July 17, 2019 at 3218 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.

President Tyrone Johnsen opened the meeting at 9:05 am.

Secretary, Steve Terrill read the Minutes of the previous meeting June 19th.  The minutes were approved as read;   with the exception of whether the statement about Peterson meadows being accepting of our wooden cabinet.  It was suggested that this is an issue yet to be dealt with.

Treasurer: Larry Stenzel reported that we are still solvent and gave some numbers. 

Membership:  Chuck Drewes reported that we have moved from the doldrums’ in membership to the tailspin status.  And, of course, he should know about that.

Picture directories are available.  Chuck continues to provide electronic files of the picture directory and full list of members and contact information.

Facilities:  Our facilities committee consists of  Don Stansfield, Denny Neubauer, Bob Hallstrom. Bob Matthews has been working hard to find and secure the Peterson Meadows community room.  Bob M has scheduled a walk-through of the Facility for August 7 at Ten AM.  That is a Wednesday and we would meet here first and those interested would proceed to Peterson Meadows.  Certainly, the Committee members and Officers would be encouraged to be present, but also, anyone who wants to come along probably can.  John Skaggs asked about what will happen with the TV.  While Tyrone would be in favor of donating the TV to them, Bob M indicates that all of the rooms will have TV’s and hookups available. We may have a member or two interested in housing our storage cabinets.  We will need to engage in some conversation about how to store our stuff and/or possibly raffle it off.

New Business:  John Guth of Kenrock asked Tyrone to call Steve Thompson of RVC outreach library.  In essence, he has a question about finding out how the club could help with a project he has to recycle 3000 or so reels of Microfilm to salvage the silver.  We have very little information about what he needs beyond somebody with a bandsaw.  He gave them John Skaggs name.  He did apologize for giving out John’s name without contacting him first.  John agreed to talk with Steve Thompson when he calls. 

Tony talked to Richard Anderson last week.  Richard is having trouble and is living at Lincolnshire Place in Loves Park.  He said he knew Tony.  Tony recommends that if people are interested they could stop and visit him.

The meeting was adjourned for show and tell at 9:27 am

Respectfully Submitted: Steve Terrill, Club Secretary

Club Officers     (815 area code)

  President,  Tyrone Johnsen, 397-9274
Vice Pres,  Louis Jurisch, 568-7096
Treasurer,  Larry Stenzel, 389-4714
Secretary,  Steve Terrill, 708-0471

 Committees   (815 area code)

Programs, Tyrone Johnsen, 397-9274
Webmaster & Newsletter Editor Gordy Moscinski 874-7978
Membership, Chuck Drewes 985-8575
Photographer, Larry Clark
Historian, Elaine Terrell 765-2886
Picnic, Tony Devita and
Gary Lundquist

Show and Tell comments and pictures by Steve Terrill

 festus  festus

Jerome Mais showed a caricature carving that his wife named “Festus”.  Jerome carved it and his wife helped by painting it.


Jerry Robey showed a Pig he carved after an article in Woodcarving Illustrated the summer issue.  This is the third carving he has done from that issue.  He painted it pink. 


John Skaggs showed a chip carved Rooster that he resurrected and finished.  He painted just the comb and wattle to make it look authentic. 


Bob Hallstrom showed a carved and stained plate he started in a class in Michigan.  It is out of butternut.










Larry Stenzel showed 9 wood-burnings.  He admits it took about a month.  He is preparing to teach a woodburning class and needed the practice.  He has a Trout (of course), a feather (colored), two leaf carvings (colored), a door in a limestone building, a stone bridge, an old abandoned car, an old rusting truck, and an old broken window.  He uses colored pencils, both water pencils and prisma colored pencils but he does not use water with them.







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