Blackhawk Carving Club
Rockford, Illinois 61109
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The Blackhawk Woodcarver

Volume XXIV, Issue 2,  February 2019

P. O. Box 8285 Rockford, IL 61126
Open Carving every Wednesday (
12:00 to 3:00pm).  Ken Rock Community Center, 3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109
Business Meeting; third Wednesday of the month. Friends and spouses of carvers are  welcome to come to meet and visit. Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”

Weekly Carving Session Time Changed!

Our weekly carving session meeting time has been changed from our Wednesday morning time period to Wednesday early afternoon, noon to 3:00 pm. This was done in an effort to cooperate with Ken-Rock and to eliminate or minimize the problem we have experienced with unexpected building availability. Ken-Rock has found it unsustainable to continue to open and staff the building in the mornings during the Winter, and even the Spring and Fall periods, when they have no other reason than to open and man the building for our club. The new Ken-Rock policy will be to open the building by noon on weekdays. The “bad weather” or “snow day” closings will continue to follow the Rockford Public School 205 closings.

Ken-Rock personnel will open the buildings by noon on weekdays and we will have access to our club meeting room on Wednesdays starting with their noon opening. We have use of the meeting room until at least 3:00 pm. In many cases I assume many members may not chose to arrive during the noon hour; and so I suggest we initially can schedule our monthly membership meeting and “Show & Tell” to start at 1:30 pm with normal programs starting at 2:00pm. The “drawing event” the first Wednesday of each month can also be held at 1:30 pm. I encourage members to plan their day to arrive between noon and 1:30 pm and leave not earlier than 3:00 pm. I believe we have had the room reserved for the time period of 8:30 am to 11:00 am in the past; some members arrived closer to 9:00 am and all leaving about 10:30 am. The new time period will give us a wider time period. The noon starting time will also permit the possibility of better weather and roadway conditions; also possibility of parking lot and sidewalk clearing. 

I hope all our members will be able to adapt to this new time period and find it a pleasant and preferable alternative. This does not preclude our need to continue to evaluate longer term alternatives. I personally do not wish to move at this point in time and want all to consider the real needs of our club meeting location and the benefits of our current meeting location. 

This change of our meeting time became effective Wednesday 6 February 2019. We now meet Wednesday noon to 3:00 pm in our current club meeting room at the Ken-Rock building.

Tyrone Johnsen


The Presidents Report February 2019

Clubs are formed by individuals which share a common interest and wish to share that interest in the exchange of information and ideas. Ray Olson and Gordy Moscinski were key to the forming of our Blackhawk Woodcarvers. Ray passed a number of years ago but I like to think he would be proud of our club yet today. Gordy is still with us as a most active member and our newsletter editor. Many members have preceded my becoming a member; and I was fortunate enough to get to know some of them. I am reminded of the loss of two of our members last year. Sad, but also wonderful to remember the smiling faces and disposition of both Larry Christensen and Louis Cowan. It was always a pleasure to see them join our sessions. Clubs like are ours are wonderful groups and gatherings to share knowledge and ideas and to form and continue friendships.

Clubs are made up of individuals. No two alike. No two with exactly the same views, desires, and objectives. So these individuals have to work together to make the club work, to make it successful. Different points of view and expression of them can and should be useful and are necessary for long term success of any organization. So is cooperation and the need to consider the good of the organization; not just for self interest. Leadership and vision are essential too; as well as participation of the organization’s members. Most organizations rely upon a minority of the members to do the majority of the work. This is the norm and probably always will be; however, individuals all have different characteristics and talents. We are fortunate to have members who have and continue to contribute in different ways to the success of the organization. I believe we must not burn them out. Appreciate them. Assist them.

Then there is change. There always is change; and always will be. This stresses many. Our club was started by individuals who were still employed with the typical 8 to 5, M through F workweek. The meetings originally were held evenings. Later meetings were held both during the day and evenings; but that changed into the day meetings as the membership aged and the majority became retirees. There were and are pros and cons to these changes. Generally they reflected changes in the membership, e.g. older. We continue to experience changes and always will. We need to try to recognize these and adjust to them. Not all changes are initially welcomed. Some are found to actually be more desirable.

I believe our club has adapted well to recent changes. We moved back into a smaller room but were able to consolidate all of our equipment in that one room. I believe most find it is working well and certainly more convenient for those who do the set ups and any who wish to access any of our assets. Now we are faced with the need to change the meeting time from a morning session to the early afternoon. There are many positive aspects of this change. I hope you too can find some positive aspects.

Tyrone Johnsen

Roster of Members 1995

In looking at the membership roles from Feb. 1995, we have several hardy members that have been in the group since the beginning: Larry Clark, Tony Davita, Judy and Wes England, Lonnie Hayes, Gale Terrell, Franklin Johnson, and Ted Faber.  All have contributed to the club’s success.



 Club Activity Schedule

February 6 open carving
February 13 open carving
February 20 open carving and meeting
February 27 open carving

March 6 open carving
March 13 open carving
March 20 open carving and meeting
March 27 open carving

April 3 open carving
April 10 open carving
April 17 open carving and meeting
April 24 open carving

May 1 open carving
May 8 open carving
May15 open carving and meeting
May 22 open carving
May 29 open carving

June 5 open carving
June 12 open carving
June 19 open carving and meeting
June 26 open carving

 Class at the Center for Learning in Retirement

Beginning Woodburning This class will cover the basics of the wood burning tool.  It will include instruction on creating fine line detailing and sepia tones of shadowing as well as textures and color.  All burning will be done on a flat board.  Participants will need to have their own wood burner. Instructor Gordy Moscinski  March 5, 7, 12 and 14.  1:00 to 4:00 pm.  RVC Bell School Road


Classes at the Woodcraft Shop

Scandinavian Flat Plane Carving with Harley Refsal. Caricatures and wooden wearables.  Friday evening 6:00 pm to Sunday at 4:00 pm: February 8, 9, and 10, 2019 $125 (plus whatever cutouts you choose to carve)

All things painting… with Josh Guge. Learn color theory and paint a Woodcock. Friday to Sunday: February 22, 23, and 24, 2019 - $185. Plus a $10 material

Carving Caricatures with Floyd Rhadigan. 60 different roughouts to choose from. March 8, 9, 10, 2019. Friday to Sunday: $185 (plus roughouts: $15 to $55)

Carving Realistic Human Faces in Bark with Alec Lacasse. Friday to Sunday: May 10, 11, and 12, 2019 - $174 plus $25 material fee

Medium Relief Woodcarving with John Engler. Friday to Sunday: May 24, 25 and 26, 2019 - $185 (pre-stenciled blanks are $35+)

The Woodcraft Shop, 2724 State Street, Bettendorf, IA 52722
For more information call toll-free 800-397-2278 or go to

Mid-Wisconsin Chippers Annual woodcarving

The Mid-Wisconsin Chippers Annual woodcarving show is moving to the Oshkosh Convention Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this coming spring.  Our show date is Sunday May 5th, and our table fees will go up soon on January 1st.  The 2019 show is moving to a great venue that is about a 3 hour drive from Rockford with plenty of parking, a food concession, wood and tool vendors and we already have 33 tables registered.
A club table is only $25 ($30 after January 1st), and entitles six of your club members to have one entry each in the competition for judging.  A regular single artist table is also only $25 ($30 after January 1st), but entitles that artist to 4 entries for judging. 
This year with our move to Oshkosh, we hope to see some BlackHawk carvers here promoting their club and bringing their art to Oshkosh.  Our Show theme is "Everything you need to get started and grow in Woodcarving." We always have many pyrographers too.  Attached is our 2019 Table Registration form and our form for Judging Rules and Show Guidelines as well as a summary of show info.  
In addition, our club is sponsoring five upcoming classes. are in our December newsletter on our website with sign up forms and other information.   Betsy Popp will have a six day class on the Pygmy Owl (Feb. 28, March 1,2, 7,8, and 9).  Lee Belanger will teach a cottonwood bark carving class on a lighthouse (March 14, and 15).  One of your own, Denny Neubauer, of Denny Knife fame, will teach three classes: knife making on May 6th, Sharpening on May 7th, and carving "Little people" on May 8th. Please spread the word to your club and if anyone has any questions they should feel free to call me or send me an e-mail.
Cedric Richeson, Secretary Mid-Wis. Chippers Woodcarving Club. e-mail: tel. 920) 420-1225


Deadline for the news for the next newsletter is March 6, 2019


March Birthdays (that we Know of)

 cake 26  Ray Pederson

 29  Jesse Daughtry



Like us on Facebook “Blackhawk Woodcarvers”.  Many pictures and information.

Door Prizes

Don't forget the Door Prize drawing on First Wednesdays. Bring something you don't need or want anymore, but know someone would be thrilled to win at the drawing.

Want to buy or sell

If you have anything that you would like to buy or sell send me an email and I will put it in the newsletter.   Gordy

 Passed Treasured Carvings

At our monthly meetings members are encouraged to bring in SHOW and TELL items along with carvings that are tucked away from the past.  Even though you might be tired of looking at them, they may be teaching tools for others. Dust them off, bring them in!

Blackhawk Carving Club Minutes January 2019

Minutes of the regular monthly business meeting of Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on January 16, 2019 at 3218 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.

Vice President Louis Jurisch opened the meeting at 9:02 in the absence of President Tyrone Johnsen. 

Secretary, Steve Terrill read the Minutes of the previous meeting December 19th.. The minutes were approved as read. 

Our new treasurer, Larry Stenzel reported that we are solvent. If you need checks, see Larry.

Membership:  Chuck Drewes reported that dues are coming in pretty steadily.  There are still people who owe money, like Tony.  We have around 81 members, although it varies.  Chuck introduced our newest member, Charles Peterson. 

Louis asked if there was new business, old business, or any business at all.  There was none so he asked for a motion to adjourn.  The motion was made.  The meeting ended at 9:08.

Respectfully Submitted: Steve Terrill, Club Secretary

 Club Officers     (815 area code)

President - Tyrone Johnsen, 397-9274
Vice Pres. -
Louis Jurisch, 568-7096
Treasurer -  Larry Stenzel, 389-4714
Secretary -
Steve Terrill,  708-0471

Committees   (815 area code)
Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982
- Chuck Drewes, 985-8575
Librarian -
Bernie Budzynski
Webmaster and  Newsletter Editor- Gordy Moscinski, 874-7978
Newsletter Publisher, Gary Johnson 399-1697
Historian - Elaine Terrell 765-2886
Programs -
Tyrone Johnsen, 397-9274
Picnic -
Tony Devita

Show and Tell pictures by Gordy Moscinski comments by Steve Terrill


Louie Jurisch showed 7 Gremlins that he carved over vacation just to prove he was carving over the holidays.  They were basswood, painted and included a duck, 4 gremlins, a penguin and a nutcracker. 


Don Stansfield showed two miniature ornaments and passed out sheets reminding us that there is now 343 carving days until Christmas. 


Jim Foster showed a collection of Little People from basswood, all painted that he carved over summer and past several months.  They included a sheriff, basketball player with ball and 5 more caricatures. 




Tony Davita showed a carving that Joe Dilla routed in about 5 minutes.  He also showed a piece of cedar  that weighed about a pound until he set it beside his wood burning stove and it came out about an eighth of a pound.   He also showed a fisherman made out of Cypress that he finished with Linseed oil and Turpentine with varnish over.  The grain really popped.


Gordy Moscinski showed a intarsia snowman of basswood and butternut.  He was wearing skates, a scarf a hat and a smile with a Carrot nose. 

 cube octagon

Steve showed his almost done ball in cage which was a 14 sided cube-octagon.  He will finish sanding the ball, stain the cage and not the ball and present it to his son who likes geometric figures. 


John Skaggs showed his finally finished mouse playing a bass.  He will name it “no strings attached”

 Sorry no picture

Tony DeVita showed a Cheese knife that he created in Denny’s forging class.  It was cut from a circular saw blade and then ground and polished.  It copied a cheese knife that his son bought for his sister to go with a cutting board he made that cost $75.  Denny said that he could make one.  He also brought in a relief Santa that he made in a class from Don Morse down in Sterling a while back.

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