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The Blackhawk Woodcarver

Volume XXV, Issue 2,  February 2018

Presidents Report

This past month we had an excellent presentation by Roger Benedict on the experience that he and three other Blackhawk Woodcarvers had in attending a relief carving class at a school in Austria back in 1997. The business meeting and Roger’s presentation were delayed a week to accommodate some personal conflicts within the Executive Committee in the original scheduled date. We do not intend to make this a normal occurrence. We do hope to build on our recent monthly presentations and will work to restoring the presentation to ideally one a month.

I have come to the opinion that the club needs to have a Carving Show & Event which is open to the public.  Ideally I think the Show might be one day, morning and afternoon. The Show at the Christmas Party was great but it needed to be open for longer and available to the interested public. Nice to have one day for the morning and afternoon on a weekend. It appears that we should not include formal judging as that greatly increases the workload.

What I think would be nice is that carvers would enter selected pieces into a “Peoples’ Choice” area (corral) which would be a controlled (not necessarily restricted) access grouping where the pieces are grouped by categories and monitored by volunteers. This would be akin to the judged carving area at the shows at Shriner's. Then we would fill the area(s) with individual or groups of carvers displaying their work and even doing carving and interfacing with the public. In addition, we would offer sales, as a minimum, I believe Don Stansfield would offer carving knives; and then some related events, e.g. Denny Neubauer demonstrating sharpening. I would like to see this as a free event to attend.

In discussions with various people, it appears mid to late Spring might be the best time. We could wait until next year but I strongly think we should not wait; I think we can do it. I am not asking for a one person or small select group to shoulder the load. Therefore, I would like us to seriously consider this effort.  I know the time is short but if we approach this by focusing on the objective I believe it can be put together.

Tyrone Johnsen

Club Activity Schedule

February  7 open carving
February 14 open carving
February 21 meeting & a demo by Gary Curl on Scandinavian Carved wooden spoons
February 28 open carving

March  7 open carving
March 14 open carving
March 21 meeting & the Art of relief Carving by Roger Benedict
March 28 open carving

April 4  open carving
April 11 open carving
April 18 meeting & Painting wood carvings by Gordy Moscinski
April 25 open carving

May 2 open carving
May 9 open carving
May 16 open carving and meeting
May 23 open carving
May 30 open carving

June 6 open carving
June 13 open carving
June 20 open carving and meeting
June 27 open carving


The Values of Relief Carving

“For the March business meeting on the Values of Relief Carving by Roger Benedict.  A visual journey about the history and related issues to create a relief carving will be presented.  This presentation will not cover any demonstrations, but will focus on many points of information to encourage the appreciation of the art of relief carving.”

Roger Benedict


Learning Seminar

Michigan Wood Carvers, May 21 through 25, 2018 at the fairgrounds in Midland, MI 6905 Eastman Ave, 48642. 17 instructors.

Wayne Barton, Chip Carving advanced
Gary Bityk, Architectural fantasies in cottonwood bark
Carol Jean Boyd, Cyprus Knee carving
Doug Evans, Beginning Carving
Gary Falin, Charicature carving/hand
Dave Stirling, S. W. Owl-power
Leah Goddard, realistic animal, carve and paint, hand and power
Chris Howard, Native American/ power carved
Dick Lamphier, Realistic cariature; expressions and details/hand
Brenda Lodermeier, Wood burning
Floyd Rhadigar, Caricature carving
Dave Sharp, Realistic animal
Fred & Elane Stenman, Shaoolw relief/wood burning/painting
Bob Thurston, Caricature carving
Debbie Edwards, Realistic animals
Bruce Henn, Caricature carving

Michigan Wood Carvers website is

Deadline for the news for the next newsletter is March 7, 2018.


Like us on Facebook “Blackhawk Woodcarvers”.  Many pictures and information.

February Birthdays (that we Know of)

     6   Gary Lundquist
  21  George Tolliver
  26  Gordy Moscinski

Blackhawk Carving Club Minutes January 2018

Minutes of the regular monthly business of Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on January 24, 2018 at 3218 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.

President Tyrone Johnsen opened the meeting at 9:01.  The meeting was delayed by one week to accommodate the travels of our president and Treasurer. 
Secretary, Steve Terrill read the Minutes of the previous meeting.  The minutes were approved as read. 
John Skaggs reported that we are solvent and there is enough money for him to go on vacation. 
Dona Wisner gave the Petty Cash report.  Much of the petty cash went to supplies and decorations for the Christmas party.  We are solvent.  Dona is retiring from making coffee and running petty cash.  Tod has passed on the key to Tyrone.  Gary Curl suggested that we give Dona a round of applause for her years of service.  The membership gave her a nice round of applause. 
Chuck Drewes reported that the 2018 dues are trickling in.  Chuck has been requested to make a new picture directory.  Tod Wisner will see that it is printed.  Tyrone reported that Chuck is currently publishing on line two types of membership lists, one with contact information and biographical data.  The second is a picture directory.  These are both updated regularly on line for those for whom he has an internet address.  Tyrone would like to see both of those lists are still maintained and distributed electronically.  There is currently a 2015 paper pictorial directory.  This is outdated.  There is also historically a more complete directory with information about each carver.  The executive committee supports having a new pictorial directory printed and will work with membership and Tod about making that happen.  Larry Clark added that there are a number of pictures in our current electronic picture directory that need updating.  Anyone who wants their picture updated should see Larry. 

Old Business:  Tyrone noted that there is in the bylaws that we have an annual meeting for the public.  We do not currently have a Program Committee as set forth in the bylaws, but we do have membership that are stepping up and providing classes and programs for the club.

Arne asked what we pay for renting the space at Sacred Heart for our meeting.  John Skaggs reported $325 for every 6 months or $650 per year. 

New Business:  Gordy Moscinski suggested that we have several people in charge of Coffee and that they switch off.  Tyrone pointed out that we need one person in charge of the petty cash part of the job but that there could be multiple coffee makers.  Gordy indicated that the newsletter and the website are dependent upon input from the members.  “No input, no output”.
Don Stansfield recommended that more people teach classes at CLR.  There needs to be a long lead time for people to plan their classes because of the CLR needs to publish information on that class.  It is one of our best sources for recruitment into the club.  Don has a class coming up for absolute beginners with no carving experience.  Gordy also has a class for beginners that will carve a dog, duck, and a Santa. .

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting which passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:28.

The meeting was followed by a presentation by Roger Benedict about the 4 Blackhawk Woodcarvers who went to Austria for a carving school 20 years ago. 
PS The secretary sincerely apologizes for misspelling Tony Devita’s last name in the last minutes.

Respectfully Submitted:

Steve Terrill, Club Secretary


Club Officers       (815 area code)
President - Tyrone Johnsen, 397-9274
Vice Pres. -
Louis Jurisch, 568-7096
Treasurer - John Skaggs, 547-6951
Secretary -
Steve Terrill,  708-0471

Committees   (815 area code)
Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982
Membership  - Chuck Drewes, 985-8575
Librarian - Bernie Budzynski
Petty Cash - Dona Wisner

Webmaster and  Newsletter Editor- Gordy Moscinski, 874-7978
Newsletter Publisher, Gary Johnson 399-1697
Historian - Elaine Terrell 765-2886
Programs -
Tyrone Johnsen, 397-927
Picnic -
Tony Devita
Soap Carving –Gary Lundquis

Passed Treasured Carvings

Again, as a reminder, I would like to have our club members start bringing in along with regular SHOW and TELL items, some of your carvings that you have treasured from the past.  We all have carvings packed away or setting on a shelf that no one has seen for years except our spouses.  I will have an extra table set up so we can show our favorites on the Wednesdays that we have our meetings!

Door Prizes

Don't forget the Door Prize drawing on First Wednesdays. Bring something you don't need or want anymore, but know someone would be thrilled to win at the drawing.

Tips and Tricks    Jigs and Twigs

Many of you have  figured out some easy or unique way of helping out your carving.  Send me some of your tips.  Pictures would help show it even better.

Gordy Moscinski 


Want to buy or sell

If you have anything that you would like to buy or sell send me an email and I will put it in the newsletter.   Gordy

Classes at the Center for Learning in Retirement

Beginning Carving  Being able to create the figure of an animal, person, boot, hat or other object from a block of wood provides a feeling of accomplishment that is hard to beat. This 6-week course will provide participants with the ability to carve many different objects with their own personal touch. Class members will be charged $20 for wood blanks,. Carving tools will be provided for the first session and tools for purchase will be available (approx.). Gordy Moscinski has 25+ years of experience teaching students of all ages. Tuesdays February 6 thru March 13 at 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Place: RVC Bell School Road Center, room 2.  Fee $35.00

Your First Woodcarving  Join us for your first experience of woodcarving and take home your completed rosette carving. A $5 materials and tools fee payable to the instructor covers all needs for this class. Enjoy the thrill of woodcarving with direction from a wood carver with 25 years of experience. NOTE: For beginner carvers only!  Instructor is Don Stansfield. Monday April 16 at 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Place: RVC Bell School Road Center, room 2.  Fee $15.00

Door Prizes from Ray Olson


Door prizes were given away at the Christmas party that were from Ray Olson’s collection.


Show and Tell pictures by Larry Clark and comments by Steve Terrill

 carved house       carved house

carved dogs

glass holder

Carol Behning showed her little house and her 2 little dogs and her “Blue Footed Loopey”, the eyeglasses holder from Denny’s class.  It was marvelously painted with acrylics. 

 stained glass window

Don Stansfield showed a picture of a stained Glass Window with candles and poinsettias.  It would have been easier to carve if he had found a larger piece of wood to carve. 


Richard Pruitt carved a statue of Blackhawk.  He likes to carve Indians because if they don’t turn out they look rather rugged, but they look rather rugged anyway.


Steve Terrill showed a santa from Don and Bob’s class in 2011, and now it is finished and painted. 

 wood lilly flower

Gale Terrell showed a wood Lilly flower he carved in ’95 from a class that Ray Olson taught from a carving he brought back from Florida.  Gale has the information on making it if anyone is interested.  The carving was of lots of pieces individually carved and glued together.  Ray brought back the idea of using Crazy Glue and Baking Soda which makes a quick and stable glue.  Gale displayed the newsletter from ’95 with his carving. 

 walking stick

Tyrone Johnson brought in his finished Walking stick he carved out of Maple from Tony.  Tyrone carved it for his daughter with a Viking theme.  He has Thor’s hammer, the crows from Odin, and a dragon (of sorts).

fisherman                bottle stopper

Jim Foster showed a character he carved from a 2014 Woodcarving Illustrated article modified to be a self portrait.  He also carved a bottle stopper from a U-Tube video by Lynn Odotie.

 carved bust

Denny Neubauer showed a practice bust that he stained with ashes from his fireplace with a little water. 

woodburned barn

woodburned tennis ball

Larry Stenzel showed a barn that he woodburned and a Tennis ball that he woodburned and colored as a demo for the Janesville Carving Club.  You have to see it to appreciate how lifelike it is.

 crossscrub jay


Bob Matthews has been very productive.  The first was a carving that started out being squares of different heights and ended up as a cross accentuated by two different colors of stain.  The bird is a Scrub Jay from the central part of Florida.  It is actually a member of the Cardinal family.  The last was a doodle that you carve and he stained it.



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