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                 The Blackhawk Woodcarver
Volume XX, Issue 10, October 2013

The President’s Corner
To the club; it has been fun but it is almost time for new officers. The club has grown so much this year and the interest in caving fundamentals has gone up. We only have a few meetings left this year. Thanks to all for helping to keep Blackhawk Woodcarving so much fun.
Bob Coleman


Susan Alexander, our July Speaker

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams


Happy October!

October Birthdays
(that we know about).
Nordine Bolstad 10-6
Tony Devita 10-9
Frank Lay 10-9
William Shogren 10-11
Carol Behning 10-14
Mary Wilder 10-17
Carl Hicks 10-28
Jack Basford 10-29

We have again been asked to do a carving demonstration at the Santa Lucia Fest at First Lutheran Church on Oak and 3rd streets.  The event will be from
9am to Noon on Saturday, December 14th . It is an interesting event. Will
Rottman sold many carvings last year. If Interested see Steve Terrill or call 815-393-4581.

Minutes (Sept. 18th)
Blackhawk Woodcarver’s; meeting of Sept. 18th 20013.

Pres. Bob Coleman opened our meeting at 9 a.m. sharp.

Sec. Arne m. Larsen read the minute’s August 21st 2013.

Treasure John Skaggs said we were solvent.

Donna Wisner gave her Petty cash report and said there was still enough money for coffee and cookies.
On Old business; Chuck Drewes said we have to start going after members because we’ve lost a few. He also introduced Daniel Prutz as a new member.

The donations taken up for Art Sinden’s wife totaled $17 for the cancer foundation.

Larry Clark stated that he has CD’s on the winners of this year’s show and was going to put a copy in the library; and he can make them available for those who would like one.

Pres. Bob Coleman under new business said that Ray Olson’s wife had contacted him and said she was having a sale of Ray’s equipment on Sat. Sept. 21st. from 9 a.m. to noon for those interested.

Thanks so much your Sec.:
Arne m. Larsen.


Show and Tell: Sept. 18, 2013

Will Rottman did a relief of apples. He said he’d received honorable mention at the show,

Tod Wisner showed a great set of Walnut musical spoons.

Arne Larsen had a fish and a frog gig that he’d finished.

Chuck Drewes showed a nice Rose relief carving he made for a Breast Cancer awareness raffle.

Gordy Moscinski had a couple of nice gourds he and his wife had finished.

Diana Johnson had a nice gourd bird house. She said hadn’t had time to get the hole for the bird cut in yet.

Richard Prutz did an inlay of the U.S.A in pine and painted in color and a cat out of Basswood.

Dan Prutz did a nice Plaque

Don Stansfield had 4 nice pendants that he had previously scroll sawn.

Annual Carving Show Big Success

            Our 19th Annual Carving Show Saturday, August 17, 2013, at Rockford Tebala Shrine Center was, by all accounts, a resounding success.  Display tables with wood sculptures and carvings crowded the 7500 sq-ft show room, while  450 sq-ft was reserved for the  judged competition.  Several visitors went out of their way to compliment us on the Show.

            Lloyd Duerst and Bill Shogren headed up the Admissions Desk, and were assisted by other Club members.  Paid attendance exceeded 300, and there were over 200 entries in the judged competition.  Original reservations were for 28 display tables - when Saturday morning arrived, they had to set up another seven tables for late-arriving, non-registered carvers!  We had more vendors than ever before, selling carving tools,  supplies, wood, and books.

            The Show was ably chaired by Don Stansfield and Bob Hallstrom.  Don is enthusiastic about the overall participation.  “ There was a lot of excellent art works shown,” he reported, “And lots of good comments about the Show in general!”

            Northern Illinois Wood-Turners’ display was well received.  Don and Bruce, the turners manning the display told Bernie Budzinski they were quite impressed with our Show.  Their local club meets third Wednesday of each month, 6:00 PM, in the Millenium Center on South Madison Street in Rockford.  “Very informal,” Bernie says.  They have four fully-operating lathes there for on-site work.  Bernie knows at least three wood turners in our Club, and there may be more.

            Bob Hallstrom was kind of like a benevolent Dad - - - making sure that people and things were in their right places at the right times.  We had more participants in this Show than ever, and things went off quite smoothly.

            Show setup started early Friday afternoon, and went on until almost 5 o’clock.  Earliest workers on the scene were Carol Behning, Don Stansfield, and Bob Hallstrom.  Club members were bringing in materials for their show tables.  Elaine and Gale Terrell were setting up the competition area and signing in competing carvers.  Vendors were bringing in stock for sale , and setting up shop for Saturday.

             When Saturday morning came, Denny Neubauer helped review carvings, making sure each was in the right category.  Registrations took off in earnest.   Judy Englund moved into the chair beside Elaine to help sign in competitors, and other Club members helped place entries in their correct spots.  As one competitor told Elaine, “You folks take really good care of the Show (Contest) desk!”

            Judges were Mike Trezk of Carol Stream, Illinois, and Marcy Samat from Chicago, two very experienced and talented wood sculptors.  Judging started at 8:00 AM, and didn’t finish until gate-opening time at 10:30.  Judges had to work hard and fast to get done in time for Show opening.

            Blackhawk carvers Jerome Mais, Bunny Nordheim, Mike Petty, Larry Stenzel, and Gale Terrell  won quite a respectable number of ribbons.  There were other Club members who won ribbons, but unfortunately, that information is not available to your writer at this time.  To those folks, we say, “Please forgive the oversight, and please do not take it as a personal slight.  The sin of omission is purely unintentional.

            Jerome Mais took three ribbons in the Advanced Carver Class: Second Place red for  a Stellers Jay bird carving.  Second Place Amphibian for his Box Turtle; and a Second Place for his caricature “Bubba.”

            Mike Petty won two ribbons for Intermediate Caricatures: 1st Place for his carving called “The Biker” and 2nd Place for another caricature motorcyclist called simply “Biker.”

            Larry Stenzel won five ribbons!  He swept his class for Intermediate Realistic Aquatics: His Peacock Bass  took First Place; his Tiger Trout took Second; and his Spotted Gar took Third!  On top of those, he also won Second and Third in Intermediate Pyrography with a Goldfinch and a Hawk, respectively.  Congratulations Larry, and good luck when you go into Advance Class next year!

            Gale Terrell’s carving of a Classic German Star with a ball loose inside won 2nd Place in the 2" Cube Challenge Competition.  If you missed seeing this tiny piece, ask Gale to bring it in some Wednesday.  You’ll be amazed.

            Bunny Nordheim entered five carvings, and brought home four ribbons:   Bunny took 3rd Place in the 2" Cube Challenge Competition with her tiny piece she named “Snake Ball.”  Her three 1st Place Blue Ribbons in the Intermediate Carver Class came for a stylized relief she titled “4 & 20 Wack Birds” in the Intermediate Relief class;  a cherry walking stick titled “The Story Teller’s Stick” in Intermediate Miscellaneous; and an Intermediate Bark Carving called “Windows.”  PLUS, her relief carving won 2nd Runner-Up, Best of Show.  Afterward, one of the judges told her that it is very rare that any Best of Show ever comes out of the Intermediate Class.  (OK, Bunny, it’s Advanced Class for you from now on!”)


            Raffle drawings for prizes were highlights of the Show.  Raffles are traditionally run by Tony DeVita, but unfortunately, Tony took sick Friday afternoon, and couldn’t be there Saturday.  Dona Wisner stepped in to manage the job.  Jeff Hartman worked the raffle table for almost the whole day.  Franklin Johnson worked a shift, as did Diana Johnson and other members also volunteered during the day.

            Club members  donated carvings for raffle.  (Ray Olson, who passed away less than a month before the Show, had before his death donated four Swedish Dala Horses.)  We had two categories of prizes: The first, with 14 prizes, had higher-priced tickets where customers could place tickets in a container next to the prize they wished  to win.  This group included three carving sets donated by Flex-Cut Company: a 4-piece beginner’s carving set; a 3-piece gouge assortment, and a 3-piece chip carving set.  Wes Englund’s Bucking Donkey puppet was one of the most popular prizes in the group.   Drawings for these prizes were held at 3:30, and winners did not have to be present to win.  Bob Hallstrom got the prize to any absent winner.

            The second group had almost 50 items, smaller than those in the first group.  Drawings for this group were every half hour, and we gave away three or four at each drawing.  Winners had to be there to claim their prize, or we drew another ticket.  For the latest drawings we had to draw several times to find a winner.

            After the Show closed Saturday afternoon, Larry Clark and Mary Wilder went into action to record all winning carvings from the Competition.  Larry brought in his sophisticated photo setup that would rival a professional studio.  Mary was the Official Recorder for all details on carvings of which Larry was taking pictures.  This is always a tough and hectic project.  Well done, guys!

             As a fund-raiser, Shriners sold lunch out of their kitchen.  Items included pork chop sandwiches, Vienna hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, pop, water, and coffee.  Pork chop sandwiches were sold out by 11:45 AM.  Everything was tasty, reasonably priced, and convenient.  You couldn’t ask for much more.

            Promotions for the Show ranged from regular newspaper listings by Gary Lundquist; an article placed by Roger Benedict; to 21 road signs by Bob Matthews, placed strategically along Newburg Road on the day of the Show to help direct folks driving by.  Road signs were ably set out Friday evening by Mike Petty, Tony DeVita, Arne Larson, and others.

Shows within 3 to 4 hours one-way drive time of Rockford will be listed as they become known.
October 19-20 - Villa Park, IL
North Suburban Carvers Artistry in Wood Show/Sale at (new location) Odeum Expo Center, 1033 N Villa Ave,; 10am to 4pm. Free parking. Admission $5.; under 12 and uniformed scouts free. Judy Kavathas (773) 775-8993;;

October 26-27 - Danville, IL
Kickapoo Karvers 32nd judged show at 1419 N Bowman Ave.; 10am to 4pm. Free Admission. JimVan Duyn (217) 497-9859;

October 27 - Madison, WI
Capital Area Carvers and Badger Woodturners sponsor 25th show/sale at Olbrich Botanical Gardens, 3330 Atwood Ave,; 9 to 4. Free Admission. Bov (608) 635-4552,; Gary (608) 221-0907.

April 25-27 – Portage, IN.
Duneland Carvers present 38th Annual Show. Bob Stevens, 1314 Byington Ct. Crown Point, IN 46392 
 More listings are available in Chip Chats! (ed. Note - Be aware of the many shows coming up in Florida and Arizona for those of you who travel south.) See also: Classes at 1-800-397-2278 or

Classes @ The Woodcraft Shop (In Bettendorf IA)
Chris Hammack, Caricature Carwing with one of the good ol’ boys! November 14, 15 2013 or November 16, 17 2013.
Sharon Bechtold, Pyrography at its’ finest! Nov. 30-Dec.1 2013 or Dec. 2-3 2013.
Denny Neubauer, Carving Miniatures and Learning How To Sharpen, Dec 7, 8 2013


Plaque from Pecatonica Fairgrounds, Saved by Elaine Terrell when the Totem Pole fell over and was consumed by insects and birds.

About Blackhawk Woodcarvers

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Business Meeting; third Wednesday of the month. Friends and spouses of carvers are especially welcome to come to meet and visit. Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”

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Secretary - Arne Larsen, 398-8796

(area code 815)
Librarian - Bernie Budzynski, 332-2395
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