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Blackhawk Woodcarver
Volume XX, Issue 1, January 2013

Christmas Party

The Christmas Party was quite a success. Many spouses and friends attended. The food was excellent both the catered foods and the many desserts and side dishes our members brought. Many members brought their best stuff to show at Show and Tell. We capped off the event with wonderful “Saw” music by Tony’s nephew, Bob De Vita. Thanks to the many planners and preparers; Tod and Dona Wisner, Bernie and Barb Budzynski, Elaine and Gale Terrell, Jerome and Paula Mais, Gary Johnson, and Gary Lundquist.

new year
Happy New Year!

January Birthdays (that we know about). -
Mike Petty 1-1
Emile LeBeau 1-9
Gale Terrell 1-11
Will Rottman 1-20

barb  jerome

Barb Budzynski                                                    Jerome, Bernie, Gale

 dona      elaine

Dona Wisner                                                        Elaine Terrell, Sanitizer


 The Committee


Tod and Dona Wisner, and Don Stansfield took Chris Hammack’s Caricature Carving Class.  Now they are Friends.

Minutes (in brief)

Minutes of the regular monthly business meeting of the Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on December 19, 2012 at 3818 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.
The meeting was called to order at 8:59AM by President Steve Terrill.
Minutes of the November 21, 2012 business meeting read by Secretary, Rosalie Wesley with one correction. The Winter carving show to be held at Severson Dells Education and Visitor Center will be coordinated by Roger Benedict. With this caveat, the minutes were approved by all members present.
John Skaggs, Treasurer, gave expenditure and balance report. We are still solvent. Report approved.
Gordy Moscinski, Web Master, gave a Site Analytic for the period from November 16, 2012 to and including December 15, 2012. During this established time frame there were a total of 664 hits. The preponderance of these were for events and the carving show; followed closely by the newsletter. Report approved. Kudos given by Steve Terrill, President, and elaborated by another that Gordy does a great job as Web Master.
Chuck Drewes, newly appointed membership and directory coordinator, indicated that the new membership total is now 121. Kazimier Strycharz and Gary Curl are our newest members. The membership Dues for 2013 of $25 are now due. Chuck is now accepting payment. Report approved.
Don Stansfield, though he stated it was politically incorrect, brought up the fact that a typo in the newsletter indicated that the Blackhawk Woodcarvers meets at Our Lady of the Scared Heart. The correct adjective is Sacred.
Old Business:
President, Steve Terrill, thanked the Christmas committee: Bernie Budznski, Dona Wisner and Elaine Terrell. It was a great experience. Wonderful food, wonderful company and great entertainment. Thanks given to Tony DeVita for introducing his nephew, Bob, who entertained us with a number of delightful tunes on the saw.
Roger Benedict reported from the Nominating Committee in November that the following candidates : Bob Coleman for President, Bob Matthews for Vice President, Arne Larson for Secretary and John Skaggs for Treasure, have agreed to be officers if elected. New Officers will assume their responsibilities with the January meeting.
A request for nominations from the floor resulted in no change in the slate of candidates. Nominations were closed and the proposed slate was elected.
Roger Benedict indicated that soap carving has been added to the Winter show at the Severson Dells. Gary Lundquist will be helping to coordinate this activity.
The club was well represented at the Santa Lucia Festival at First Lutheran Church on December 8th. Thanks to Gordy Moscinski, Will Rottman and Steve Terrill for their efforts. Thanks also to Bob Hallstrom, who showed up ready to carve, but found there was insufficient room. Many thanks and compliments received and we were invited back for next year and the group promised to make an effort to be better organized.
Reminder that there are carving classes at Gretna, Nebraska, which will be held February 7-11th, 2013. Classes are $52.50 per day with two meals and lodging. There are many classes including carving bark houses, spoons, knife handles, canes, reed baskets PVC flutes. See Steve Terrill (now Bob Coleman) for further details.
New Business:
Bob Matthews is planning carving classes for club members here this winter. Classes will start on January 9th, 2013 and will last 3-4 weeks depending on progress. Bob gave a presentation of what to expect. The feather each of the class participants will replicate is an immature red tail. Using a working pattern, each will carve a base feather, wood burn and color. Sign up sheet is for 18 and about 14 people have already signed up for the class. Bob is asking for a $2 donation to the club...
Questionnaire, developed by Gordy Moscinski, was handed out to club members to determine what they like to carve, what classes they would like to take and what do they want to learn. What programs interest you? A listing of items included relief carvings, abstracts, painting and finishes. Would you be willing to give a demonstration? When you have completed the questionnaire, be sure to sign it and return it to Bob Matthews.
Update on Annual Carving Show signs given by Bob Matthews. The sign will be poster board size, which mimics the size of election signs… Cost is coming in around $42.97 for 20 signs, spares to accommodate theft and destruction. Bob Matthews will be responsible for storage. A discussion ensued. There should be no cap on this expenditure. Majority of the group agreed on no limit.
Don Stansfield, Todd Wisner and Dona Wisner took a carving class at the Wood Craft Shop in Bettendorf, Iowa in November from Chris Hammack. Don brought in a picture of busts of people sitting at a bar and a casting of one of the individuals at the bar. Chris sells rough outs, drawings and castings. His web site is
Prior to the ornament contest results and to allow time for ballot count, Don asked the club members to solve riddles. Don also brought items from his basement to those who wish them for theirs on a first come basis. He sold a leather apron for $20, when he got a tug on his sleeve from the Secretary.
Club members voted from 17 entries and three winners were determined. There was a tie for first between John Skaggs and Gordy Moscinski… Third place went to Rosalie Wesley.
Roger Benedict will be conducting a relief class at CLR, Center for Learning in Retirement. Course catalogs will be sent out soon. Class will start in March and will be a carving of an apple with leaves. This class is for the experienced carver.
Don Stansfield announced that the annual international carving classes and show put on by the Congress is scheduled for June 10th through the 15th, 2013 in Maquoketa, Iowa. The web site is  You can sign up for a 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 5 day or a mini class. According to Don, this is an easy drive and it isn’t that far.

Show and Tell: December 5th







Roger Benedict - two relief carvings - the first was a representation of the side view of the hay loft opening side of a barn and the second of two apples, both with a natural finish.
John Skaggs - six chip carved ornaments and the nativity display carved in the Don Stansfield class held at the CLR.
Chuck Drewes carved the traditional Norwegian lady, the Nisse , a small Santa, an angel, an oak leaf and the nativity display carved in Don’s class.
Bunny Nordheim carved a white bunny with a wreath hat and a cotton wood bark house.
Don Stansfield carved an elf on a Christmas present, a Santa, an Angel and a Christmas tree.
Jerome Mais carved a donkey, Bubba, an owl, Don’s Scotty, a cowboy and the Stansfield nativity scene.
Gale Terrell carved the German Star.
Elaine Terrell carved a church with two trees.
Bob Coleman carved a cottonwood spirit and an angel with a high gloss finish.
Denny Neubauer carved three little people: a pilot, a Santa and an old man.
Tom Backer’s relief carving displayed a road leading to a barn with two silos and trees in the background. Tom said it still needs a finishing coat.
Bob Matthews’ creation had a card in front with the following: Featherwood, Artistic Carving, Belvidere with his name, number and email address. His in-the -round cottonwood bark house feature a water wheel on the side and a battery operated light inside the house to provide illumination.
Gordy Moscinski carved a Swedish candelabra with painting in Swedish style.
Louie Cowan brought in three canes that Nurse Sandy told him to show to his carving club. The three canes were carved out of a hard wood, maybe ebony. Each cane was distinct: one displayed an elephant, another an elephant and two lion heads and the last a man’s head in profile.
Show and Tell: December 19th

Bob Matthews carved a Passenger Pigeon (now extinct) which he displayed on a wooden pedestal. Bob continues to amaze us with his attention to detail and his wide range of talent.
Gary Johnson carved five Christmas ornaments: two Santa faces, one Swedish Santa, and two snow men. All were painted and festive.
Gordy Moscinski created a Hersey Kiss from a small gourd, which he painted with silver metallic and no additional finish. The carved spiral candle holder was carved from butternut and finished with acrylic varnish. The final carving was a small vase with a moose head on the side. The outside wood was walnut and the inside was hard wood.
Larry Stenzel‘s Pyrography of a Rainbow Trout. burned and beautifully colored.
John Skaggs carved nativity set is now painted in light hues.
Carrie Lay wood burned a small drum and painted with acrylics. Two wood spoons were displayed on either side of the drum.
Carl Hicks carved three distinct canes; the naked lady cane was carved from the tree of heaven, the cherry cane displayed a caved Blackhawk Wood Carving Indian Emblem and the final one was a twisted carved cane from diamond willow.

bird      bird

canes  vase

snowmen  picture


Carving Competition Winners

Don Stansfield passed out 53 wooden blanks for club members to complete for Christmas tree ornaments.  Winners were John Skaggs - a chip carving and Gordy Moscinski - a candle (they tied for first) and Rosalie Wesley - a Rose placed third.  It was a tough call (by popular vote) as there were many great carvings.  The winners each received a carving related book given by Don. 




pins  pins


Shows within 3 to 4 hours one-way drive time of Rockford will be listed as they become known.

February 2-3; Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Cedar Valley Woodcarvers’ Show at Longbranch Hotel and Convention Center, 90 Twixtown Rd. NE. Free Admission. Saturday 9-5; Sunday 10-4. Maurie Vandewalle (319) 377-6520;

February 16-17; St. Charles, IL
Winter Wood Wonders at Kane County Fairground, 525 S. Randal Rd.; 10-4. All proceeds to wounded Veterans. Shelly Weiser (773) 405-2229

February 20, 21, 22; Or February 20, 21, 22; Bettendorf IA (first date is 6:00 PM)
Scandinavian Flat Plane Carving with Harly Refsal. The Woodcraft Shop, 2724 State St., Bettendorf IA, 52722; $120 plus cutouts. 1-800-397-2278 or

March 1, 2, 3; Bettendorf IA
Realistic Animal Carving with Kirt Curtis - $235 includes roughout. The Woodcraft Shop, 2724 State St., Bettendorf IA, 52722; 1-800-397-2278 or

March 9th, 10th, Cedar Rapids, IA
Discover The Art in Intarsia Expo - (sculpted wood mosaics) National Intarsia Carvers Assn. Contact Joannie West - 1-319-551-3126 or

April 13, 14; Portage IN
Duneland Woodcarvers Show, Woodland Park, Portage IN, Contact Dave Kings: 219-988-5610

April 13-14; Waterloo. Iowa
40th Annual Iowa State Woodcarvers Show at
Waterloo Center for the Arts, 225 Commercial St. Saturday Noon to 5:00; Sunday 11:00 to 4:30. Steve Russell (319) 269-3450. Info and forms at

April 20; Sheboygan Falls, WI
Kettle Karvers’ 23rd annual show at Sheboygan Falls Municipal Building, 375Buffalo Street: 10 am to 4 pm. Bob Lawrence. 227 Brookfield Ct, Sheboygan, WI 53081; (920) 458-4947.

More listings are available in Chip Chats! (ed. Note - As winter approaches, be aware of the many shows coming up in Florida and Arizona for those of you who travel south.) See also: Classes at 1-800-397-2278 or Helli Mayr, European carving - March 12, 13, 14 / March 15, 16, 17 ; Sharon Bechtold Woodburning, April 20, 21; John Engler Relief Carving May 24, 25, 26

Time to Pay your Dues for 2013! See Chuck Drewes our new Membership and Directory Coordinator (he will gladly take your money and maybe even write you a receipt.)

About Blackhawk Woodcarvers

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Open Carving every Wednesday (8:30-11am) except Dec 25, Jan 1
Ken Rock Community Center (Sacred Heart Academy, multi-purpose room) 3218 Eleventh St, Rockford, IL 61109

Business Meeting; third Wednesday. of the month. Friends and spouses of carvers are especially welcome to come to meet and visit. Carvers bring in finished carvings for “Show & Tell.”

President - Bob Coleman, 988-1757
Vice Pres. - Bob Matthews, 738-2201
Treasurer - John Skaggs, 547-6951
Secretary - Arne Larsen, 398-8796

Librarian - Bernie Budzynski, 332-2395
2012 Show Co-Chairmen - Bob Hallstrom, 963-1326 & Don Stansfield, 235-0075
Webmaster - Gordon Moscinski, 874-7978
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Newsletter -Publisher - Gary Johnson 399-1697
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Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982

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