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Rockford, Illinois 61109

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Blackhawk Carving Club 1998

Paul Hochstetter was show judge at the carving show. Show was held at Ken Rock Community Center Rockford, IL. Ray Olson asked for carving to put on display around the city to promote club show. These carving were display in library and etc. Club member Rich Cook wife Arlene quest speaker talk about craft painting. Also, Bruce Quast quest speaker talk about carving cartoons. Gottlieb Brandli taught a chip carving class nine carver attended class. Club picnic was at Sinissippi Park. December meeting is Christmas party. Refreshment and tool swap and etc.

Club Officers

President Jeff Pohl
Vice President Lloyd Durest
Treasurer Judy Englund
Secretary Dolores Cascio


Librarian Marshall Field
Program Committee Ray Olson, Marshall Field, Phil Timm, and Hank Osinski
Newsletter Editor Gary Meyer
Carving show co-chairpersons Gordy Moscinski and Dolores Cascio
Photographer Larry Clark

These are pictures of the show in Chip Chats Magazine September - October 1998

chip chats oct 1998

chip chats oct 1998

chip chats oct1998

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