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Rockford, Illinois 61109

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Blackhawk Carving Club 1993

In November of 1993 Gordy Moscinski sent out post cards about having an organization meeting to form a wood carving club. This meeting was held on November 18, 1993 at 7:00 P M at Ken Rock center. There were about 60 people at the first meeting.  Blackhawk Woodcarving Club was established. Officers were voted in office beginning in January 1994.

 postcard 1

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Blackhawk Wood Carver Members

Richard Anderson                                Tom Block
John Brown                                            Delores Cascio
Larry and Rita Chappell                       Larry Clark
Charles Cleven                                       Jack Darby
Tony DeVito                                             Russ Diehl
Lloyd Duerst                                           Judy and Wes Englund
Marshal Field                                          Don Foster
Oliver Getty                                             Bill Grap
John Harting                                           Lonnie Hayes
Bob Heckel                                              Eric Heng
Jack Huber                                              Bill Hunt
Carl Hutchison                                        Rick Koch
Jerry Macomber                                     Dave Mason
Marie McKonough                                  Jim McNair
Lyons Meyers                                          Mike Merers
Walt Mielke                                              Marvin Mitchell
Gordon Moscinski                                  David Nestor
Ray Olson                                                Jim Pierce
Dennis Politic                                          Millard Powers
Burton Riffle                                            Carl Rizzo
Mary and Richard Sandquist               Russ Sawer
Kurt Schabell                                          Don Schellschmidt
Mark Schock                                           Gene and Sandy Schmitt
Eugene Singletary                                 Monte Spinker
Harrison Streeter                                  Lou Suit
Gale Terrrell                                           Bill Thumm
Philip Timm                                              Hung Truong
Larry and Joanne Walker                    Bett and Russell Welsh

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