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The Blackhawk Woodcarver
         Volume XXII, Issue 2,  February 2016

Presidents Report


Someone usually steps up to the plate when there is a need. That was the case at our January club meeting. Things change over time and need to be updated. Our club by-laws have been in that condition for awhile.

So, Tod Wisner, Elaine Terrell and Gordy Moscinski volunteered to take on the task. Word is that they have been working feverishly and will present a revision proposal soon. In taking a swing at this, I'm sure they won't strike out.

We owe a big thank you to these three good club members for their efforts.

Gary Curl

February Birthdays       (that we know about)

6  Gary Lundquist
21  George Tolliver
26  Gordy Moscinski

Club Officers       (815 area code)
President - Gary Curl 
Vice Pres. - Frank Lay, 677-1190
Treasurer - John Skaggs, 547-6951
Secretary - Martha Fitch, 399-2453

Committees   (815 area code)
Librarian - Dawn Rozanas—229-8996
Show Co-Chairmen - Gary Curl 
895-5106,  Elaine Terrell 765-2886
Webmaster - Gordy Moscinski, 874-7978
Membership  - Chuck Drewes, 316-0398
Newsletter Publisher, Gary Johnson 399-1697
Newsletter Editor, Gordy Moscinski, 874-7978
Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982
Historian - Elaine Terrell 765-2886
Programs—Bob Matthews 544-2359 & Denny Neubauer 515-508-9524
Petty Cash—Dona Wisner
Christmas Party -
Picnic -
Tony Devita

Soap Carving –Gary Lundquist

Door Prizes

Don't forget the Door Prize drawing on First Wednesdays. Bring something you don't need or want anymore, but know someone would be thrilled to win at the drawing.


Club Activity Schedule
February 10 open carving
February 17
open carving & meeting
February 24
open carving

March 2 open carving
March 9 open carving and a lesson on a band saw when making a 3-D cutouts for a bird and another for caricatures
March 16 open carving and meeting
March 23 open carving
March 30 open carving

April 6 open carving
April 13 open carving
April 20 open carving and meeting
April 27 open carving

May 4 open carving
May 11 open carving
May 18 open carving and meeting
May 25 open carving


Larry Stenzel submitted a website that he felt was a real eye opener as to the dangers of breathing not only sawdust from some of the woods we use, but also the fumes when burning those that have glue or other chemicals.  Prepared wood usually has been chemically treated and burning on it will release toxins into the air.  When burning so hot that you are creating smoke, use a fan to help with ventilation and use graphic paper to trace your pattern as other papers are chemically reproduced.  For more info:
Thank you Larry


Woodcarvers Meeting of January 2016

The meeting was called to order at 9:07 am by Vice President Frank Lay


Minutes read by Secretary Martha Fitch.  There were no additions or corrections. 

The Treasurer’s report was given by John Skaggs.  John also announced a decision to have a full audit done by Bob Hallstrom.

The Petty Cash report was given by Dona Wisner.  Dona asked that a decision be made about the excess amount now in Petty Cash.  The result was that $164 was given to the treasurer to deposit in the Club’s account.

There was no official Membership report as Chuck Drewes was ill.  A question was raised regarding a Club membership card.  The Club no longer issues this card.


A tray and 2 pie servers are still in the cabinet from the Christmas Breakfast.  They were claimed at this time.

There is a need to review and revise the Club’s By-Laws.  A quorum not being present, a request was made for a few members to review and suggest revisions of the By-Laws.  This issue will be tabled until March or April while Elaine Terrell, Tod Wisner and Gordy Moscinski make the review.  Rosalie Wesley suggested that the officers should be called Acting until the By-Laws are corrected.


A catalogue for the Ward World Championship Carving Show has been received and several copies are available for anyone who is interested.

Don Stansfield had a carving station he built to be given to any interested party.  It was quickly claimed.

The Rock Valley Garden Center is having a bird house contest/competition on March 19th.  Members may be interested in participating.

Don Stansfield now has Drake Micro tools for sale.

Larry Cark advised that the Branson Carving Show will be held on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 and 28th in case any one is interested in attending.

The meeting was adjourned at     9:25 am.

Recording Secretary, Martha Fitch


Deadline for the news for the next newsletter is March 2nd.


Well the activity committee is back for another year. 

On February 3rd Bob Mathews will give a demonstration on painting with Acrylics. He will talk about the brushes he uses; techniques that will let you develop shadows when your are trying to paint a single color; the mixing colors; layering several colors when painting feathers; and the use of washes. Also let’s try the new TV contraption again. 

Denny and Bob are developing a video presentation for March 9th.  The subject will be on the use of a band saw when making a 3-D cutout for a bird and another for caricatures.  Once again we will be using the TV to present the pictures along with a discussion about what is going on. 

Hey gals and guys we need your help with ideas for things to do and we will try to comply.  Is there something that you want to develop and show to the club, why not?  Don't be bashful, we are all here to learn from each other.

 Denny and Bob


March 8 through April 26
Beginning Woodcarving Class. Through the Center for Learning in Retirement at RVC Bell school Road Center, Room 2. Time 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Instructor Gordy Moscinski.

March 10 and 17  Carving a Fantasy House. Through the Center for Learning in Retirement at RVC Bell school Road Center, Room 2. Time 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Instructor Robert Coleman.

August 16-19 Musky Area Wood Carvers Workshop in Boulder Junction, Wi.  Call Mary at 815-874-7978 or go to and go to Events.


Bob Matthews gave an informative demonstration of adding color to carvings and paintings.


Blackhawk Woodcarvers By-Laws
Rockford, Illinois

Article I - name, purpose

A - NAME - The name of the organization shall be “Blackhawk Woodcarvers.”

B - PURPOSE - The purpose of the Club shall be to provide a meeting place and forum for interested carvers to participate in the formation of ideas and information that promotes all aspects of wood art, and allows exchange of personal experiences and information and promotes good will among Club members and the Rockford community.

Article II - location
Club meetings will be held at 3218 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois, 61109.  The Executive Board will determine other locations for special events or programs.

Article III - membership

Membership is open to anyone interested in wood art.  Active members will participate in Club activities; be required to pay dues; be entitled to vote; and afforded the privilege of serving as an elected officer.

Article IV - organization

A - Ultimate authority in matters of policy, property, and programs rests in the members of the organization.

B - There shall be weekly gatherings every Wednesday morning, from 8:30AM until 11:00AM, unless otherwise determined by the membership as a whole, or an acceptable officer.

C - Official business meeting shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month unless changed by due authority.

D - Officers are elected at the December business meeting, and shall hold office for one year.
Officers may be re-elected if so decided by the members.

Article V - officers & chairpersons

    1- Club officers shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and constitute the Executive Board, to be elected by a majority of the members in attendance at the December business meeting.
    2 - Officers shall serve a term of one year, until the Business Meeting the third Wednesday of the ensuing calendar year, at which time a new slate of officers shall be elected.   A member may serve more than one term as a Club officer.
    3- Inasmuch as officers have considerable responsibilities in their elected jobs, they shall not serve in any capacity on any committee.

Chairpersons for the Standing Committees shall be appointed by the Executive Board, and serve for one year, the same as the officers.  Standing Committees shall be Newsletter, History, Membership, Library, Program, Webmaster, Photographer

Article VI - duties

A - PRESIDENT - Shall conduct the Club business meetings;  call Executive Board meetings as needed;  and monitor all planning and activities of Club functions.

B - VICE PRESIDENT - Shall assume all duties and authority of the President in the event President is not available or not capable of performing duties of the office.

C - SECRETARY - Shall record minutes of business meetings;  report those minutes at the next Business meeting;  provide hard copies of the minutes to other officers and Historian;  and retain copies of minutes for reference.
D - TREASURER - Shall:
    1- Keep and maintain all Club financial records and reports
        a- accept monies and issue receipts for sam
b- make  deposits in Club checking account. and reconcile the account records monthly
        c- pay all Club bills submitted with appropriate documentation - by check only
        d- present a financial report at the regular monthly Business meeting
        e- provide hard copies of the financial report to other officers and Historian
        f- Get an annual independent audit of the Club records, and produce an annual budget at the December Business Meeting, to be used for forward planning.

Each committee has two main responsibilities: First is performing its primary (named) function, and second, recruiting a successor Chairperson.  There are activities involved in some of these Committee functions which will need more than just the Chairperson.  In those cases, it’s the responsibility of the Chairperson to recruit however many more helpers are needed to get the main job done satisfactorily.
1- Membership
        a-Maintain current and accurate membership records.
        b-Collect dues & issue receipts (or membership cards)
        c-Make sure Newsletter has all current membership listings for Newsletter circulation
        d-Get portrait and data sheet for each new member, to include in membership annual.
            e-Issue to each new member: membership list with their name in, last year’s annual, window decal,
    2- Newsletter
        a-Produce a Club Newsletter to be published monthly.
        b-Distribute the Newsletter to all paid-up Club members and to other people and places where our Club should be better known.
        c-Develop and keep a circulation list.  Work with Membership and Executive Board for this.
    3- Photographer - Get photographs of new members for Membership; Show-–Tell, soap carving, classes, and any other Club activities for Newsletter; and etc.
    4- Library -
        a-Maintain Club library in orderly fashion.
        b-Follow borrowers to return items which have been out longer than prudent.
    5- Program
        a-In consultation with Executive Board and other members work up programs.
        b-Plan subjects, get talent, arrange facilities, with write-up well in advance for Newsletter
            c-Make sure the each activity is well covered by photographer for Newsletter, Web site, History, and possible publicity.
    6- History - Keeps orderly records of all Club activities: News, members, photos, etc.
    7- Webmaster - Design and maintain in a timely fashion the Club web site.
    8- Nominating Committee
        a-Shall be appointed annually by the Executive Board, on or before the October Business meeting
        b-Shall  develop a slate of officers for the election at the December Business meeting.
    9- Promotion Committee - This is composed of one representative each from Membership, Newsletter, and Photography.  The function would be publicity and promotion of the Club an its activities.  The Club needs some sort of coordinated outside promotion.  After all, while we have some Club members who are very well-known around, a formal effort is a good thing.

Article VII - administration

A - Any expenditure in excess of $50.00, other than rent or insurance, shall require approval by the Executive Board.

B - All fees collected for carving classes shall be paid to the Club.  Any non-member shall be charged an additional $5.00 above the Member-fee for the class.

C - The Coffee Cash report shall be given monthly at the Business meeting with a hard copy given to each Executive Board member.

Article VIII - dissolution

In case of dissolution of the Club, all property and financial assets, after paying all just debts and claims, shall be either (a) distributed among all then active members, or (b) given to a community not-for-profit agency.  (Such as the Salvation Army)

Article IX - amendments

These By-Laws may be amended or replaced at any Business meeting of the Club by two=thirds vote of the attending members voting.  Notice of any proposed scheduled change must be published in the Club Newsletter at least one month prior to the Business meeting which will be voting on the change.


Show and Tell pictures by Larry Clark and comments by Martha Fitch 


Tony Devita brought a wood burning of a dog which he also burned into a trivet made of corks.

 goose  elephant


Larry Stenzel showed 4 wood burnings: a goose, an elephant, a trout and a self-portrait all worked on birch plywood.

 blue jay        whet owl

Bob Matthews brought in a Blue Jay and a Saw Whet Owl both carved from basswood.


Don Stansfield brought in a snowman carved from basswood.

 candle holder

Gary Johnson made his wife a candle holder from basswood and butternut.

 kokopelli figure

Frank Lay carved a Kokopelli figure from basswood and mounted on cedar.


Gordy Moscinski made a dragonfly for his granddaughter.


John Skaggs brought in a Pacific Northwest Ceremonial Bowl he carved from butternut wood.


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