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The Blackhawk Woodcarver

Volume XXIV, Issue 12,  December 2017

Presidents Report

End of the year report

 The year is rapidly coming to a close. The Holiday Season is upon us and with it the hustle and bustle that comes with it. As the year comes to an end, so does the term for the current club officers and a new slate of officers will be installed. The nominating committee has presented the following candidates: Tyrone Johnsen for President, Louis Jurisch for Vice President, Steve Terrill for Secretary, and John Skaggs for Treasurer. The presented slate was voted on by the members of the club and unanimously approved as our 2018 Blackhawk Club Officers. Congratulations to each of them and lets all support them during the New Year.

  I wish to thank the present officers for your support during the past year. Along with the officers, I want to offer a special thank those of you who serve on a club committee. Without you we would not have the wonderful Club Newsletter every month. We wouldn’t have the beautiful pictures of our many carvings and club events. We would not have the wonderful picnic each year. There would not be a well kept Web Site The new Facebook page for the Blackhawk Woodcarvers would not exist. We wouldn’t have coffee and cookies each week. The club wouldn’t sponsor our Soap Carving Workshops. We wouldn’t have our club sponsored Workshops, Classes, Programs. We would not have a library and updates to the clubs history archives. Our membership chairman manages the control of our roster. And last but not least we would not have a Christmas Party. Please forgive me if I happened to miss a committee or two, as you can see it takes all of us to support the Blackhawk Woodcarving Club. Keep up the good work in supporting what I think is one Greatest Wood Carving Clubs is the area.


Let’s all plan to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

So --- Let the chips fly and see you at the club !


Jerome Mais

Club Activity Schedule

December 6 open carving
December13 Christmas Gathering (see below)
December 20 open carving and meeting
December 27 open carving

January 3 open carving
January 10 open carving
January 17 open carving and meeting
January 24 open carving
January 31 open carving

February  7 open carving
February 14 open carving
February 21 open carving and meeting
February 28 open carving

March  7 open carving
March 14 open carving
March 21 open carving and meeting
March 28 open carving

April 4  open carving
April 11 open carving
April 18 open carving and meeting
April 25 open carving


Deadline for the news for the next newsletter is January 3, 2018.

 Like us on Facebook “Blackhawk Woodcarvers”.  Many pictures and information.

December Birthdays (that we Know of)

  2   Larry Stenzel                22   Larry Onley
  5   Bob Hallstrom               29   Tim Backer
  7  Larry Rill                         30    Isaac Grover
18  Jane Pheiffer                 30    Jim Foster
14  Don Stansfield                31   Martha Fitch
23  Mike Rutter


Blackhawk Carving Club Minutes November 2017


Minutes of the regular monthly business of Blackhawk Woodcarvers; held on November 15, 2017 at 3218 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Illinois.

Jerome Mais opened the meeting at 9:08. 

Steve Terrill read the Minutes of the previous meeting.  Gordy clarified his comment about a tree available that it is a basswood tree that is cut in chunks.  You can cut off what you need or take it home, dry it and cut off what you need and have a whole bunch of free basswood. 

John Skaggs reported that we are solvent.  Dues are starting to come in.

Dona Wisner reported on Petty Cash and we continue to have enough money to buy cookies. 

Chuck Drewes reported that it is crumby weather for flying.  He is taking dues, especially snow birds.  Still only $25. 

Old Business:  Jerome reported on the Ghost Carving.  We now have a Christmas ornament carving.  Denny ended his eyeglass holder class and several are displayed today.  The Christmas party sign up is still available.  The setup for the Christmas party is Tuesday Dec. 12 at 4:00 pm.  The party is on December 13.  Jerome hopes to have the doors open by 8:00 am for people to set up their carvings on the tables.  The party kicks off at 9:00.  Tear down will be 10:30 to 10:45.   


New Business:  Today’s program is Rawson Wood who will explain what they do and demonstrate their products and services. 

Gordy reports that he has a request from up North that a person building a new house and wants an unknown number of doors carved.  Contact Gordy if you know of anyone. 

Roger Benedict reported from the nominating committee that the slate of officers for 2018 will be:

            President – Tyrone Johnsen

            Vice President – Louis Jurisch

            Secretary – Steve Terrill

            Treasurer – John Skaggs

John has been treasurer for 7 years.  He hopes that this will be his last year.  It would be really nice for someone to step up and take over.  John has done a nice job.

Jerome had a voice vote to accept the slate and elect the officers. 

The meeting was closed at 9:23.   

Respectfully Submitted

Steve Terrill


Club Officers       (815 area code)
President - Jerome Mais,  398-7904
Vice Pres. -
Tyrone Johnsen, 397-9274
Treasurer - John Skaggs, 547-6951
Secretary -
Steve Terrill,  708-0471

Committees   (815 area code)
Photographer - Larry Clark, 262-9982
Membership  - Chuck Drewes, 985-8575
Librarian - Bernie Budzynski
Petty Cash - Dona Wisner

Webmaster and  Newsletter Editor- Gordy Moscinski, 874-7978
Newsletter Publisher, Gary Johnson 399-1697
Historian - Elaine Terrell 765-2886
Programs -

Picnic - Gary Lundquist

Soap Carving –Gary Lundquis

The Blackhawk Club Christmas Gathering.

Its time to start to plan ahead for our annual Blackhawk Wood Carvers Club Christmas Holiday Social.

 This years Christmas Social will take place at the Clubs normal meeting place at the Ken Rock Community Center on Wednesday December 13, 2017. At 9:00 AM.

 It is open to the Blackhawk Wood Carvers Club Members and their spouses. You must pre-register and indicate what you will be bringing during the November Club meetings. Note - you will need to have pre-registered to be allowed to attend the Social.

 There will be tables available for use of Members who wish to display some of their carvings. Members will need to pre-register to show their carvings so that there will be enough tables available.

 Finger Type Foods will be provided by you the Club Members. The sign up sheet will provide a place to list the food you plan to bring. This listing will help to provide a idea of the food that will be available.

The Club will provide Coffee, Juice, Water.

 This is a Free Social so lets all plan to attend and prepare to have a good Holiday Social. Jerome Mais

Passed Treasured Carvings

Again, as a reminder, I would like to have our club members start bringing in along with regular SHOW and TELL items, some of your carvings that you have treasured from the past.  We all have carvings packed away or setting on a shelf that no one has seen for years except our spouses.  I will have an extra table set up so we can show our favorites on the Wednesdays that we have our meetings!

Door Prizes

Don't forget the Door Prize drawing on First Wednesdays. Bring something you don't need or want anymore, but know someone would be thrilled to win at the drawing.

Christmas Ornament Challenge

Design, carve, finish
Bring your ornament to the Blackhawk Christmas Social
December 13, 2017
Simple Rules:
1.  Ornament must maintain the original size and shape of the provided carving blank.
2.  Ornament must be carved and/or woodburned using a Christmas and/or winter theme.
3.  Enter as many ornaments as you wish.


1 5/8” by 3 3/8”

Tips and Tricks    Jigs and Twigs

Many of you have  figured out some easy or unique way of helping out your carving.  Send me some of your tips.  Pictures would help show it even better.

Gordy Moscinski 

   Leather side

   micro fine sandpaper

Bob Mathews designed this honner. It has leather on one side and micro fine sandpaper on the other side.


Ideal for scrolling. No messy carbon paper. Allows you to transfer images and patterns that have been reproduced in (color or black and white) on a standard "toner" based copy machine to soft materials such as wood, leather, and fabrics.It is model K16TT and 18 watts. The manufacturer is Wall Lenk Corporation.                Gary Johnson


Putting a golf ball or plastic pipe on the end of a file or nail set gives you a better grip for making eyes or marks.   Tony Devita

Elaine Terrell

I have been carving about nineteen years. My husband taught me how to chip carve. One chip at a time. Also, I carve in the round. The tool I use the most are Denny's. I have an assortment of them. I have a chip carving knife that I like. The carving that I like is a Southwestern pattern. I entered this plate, my first entry beginner class in Blackhawk Wood Carving Show and received a first place. I also was club secretary and past president. At the present I take care of the club history. Worked a lot of club shows. I would like to see more class taught at our club. What most of the club member don't know about me is that I freeze and can our vegetables that we grow in our garden each summer. I have been taking sewing machine embroidery classes. It a lot of fun.



Want to buy or sell

A ten inch radial arm saw for sale.  It has not been used very much.  Very good condition. Under $100.00.  See Gordy Moscinski

Rawson Custom Woodworks Gave a talk on varnishes and stains. They are located at 4337 S. Perryville Rd, Suite, Cherry Valley, IL 61016. Phone 815.332.9222.

Don’t forget to put a quarter in the bucket when you have coffee and cookies at the gatherings.

A reminder:  $25 dues need to be paid, Chuck Drewes will be glad to take your money!


A Look Back:


Remember our quilt carving that the club did for the Center for Sight and Hearing. It hangs in the lobby of the Center located on Lyford Road.


A big shout out of thanks to all who sent in contributions to this newsletter.  Keep the news and tips coming.  Gordy


Brandli Gottlieb, a longtime cabinet maker and chip carver,  died on Saturday, November 4, 2017. He established the Monroe Carving Club.


Show and Tell pictures by Larry Clark and comments by Steve Terrill

John Skaggs brought in chip carved ornaments and a relief carved Nativity.


Bunny Nordheim brought in a dragon eyeglass holder from Denny’s class.

Tyrone Johnsen brought in a goony bird eyeglass holder from Denny’s class using water colors.


Gordy Moscinski brought in a goony bird eyeglass holder from Denny’s class.


Larry Clark brought in a knife he will present to his brother who got him started in woodcarving.  It says, “Brother to Brother” and both of their names. 


Steve Terrill brought in a picture of the apple he carved for his daughter.  He also showed the basswood eagle head that he carved and painted for his grandson who will be receiving his Eagle Scout Award this Sunday in Cleveland. 


Bob Coleman brought in a Batman woodburning and five carved canes.



Roger Benedict brought in relief carvings of Barns from Door County.


Scott Gray brought in several carved and painted feathers,  a partridge tail feather; a wood duck pocket feather; a shoulder feather from a pintail duck; and a tail feather from a Ruby Throated Hummingbird. 


Louis Jurisch brought in a practice carving of some floral relief.  He also brought in his eyeglass holder from Denny’s class


Don Stansfield brought in a carving from the latest issue of Woodcarving Illustrated.  The eyes will follow you as you walk around. 


Bernie Budzynski brought in a log with two gourd people.



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